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4801Amazing Grace€ 40.0006.0002008BFD
4802Bamako€ 40.0006.0002007AFD
4803Black Snake Moan€ 40.0007.0002007UPI
4804The Ice Harvest€ 40.0007.0002006IF
4805The Lookout€ 40.0008.0002007WDS
4806Reno 911!: Miami€ 40.0007.0002007UPI
4807Requiem€ 40.0007.0002006AFD
4808Metéora€ 39.9165.6192013CM
4809Problemski Hotel€ 39.8876.1152016LUM
4810National Gallery€ 39.8854.7502015CNA
4811Blade Runner (The Final Cut – The Future Is Now)€ 39.8722019WB
4812Can feda€ 39.8373.5812018AFM
4813Elvis & Nixon€ 39.8216.5602017SEP
4814Masaan (Fly Away Solo)€ 39.7955.5012015SEP
4815In the Land of Blood and Honey€ 39.7736.0892012WWE
4816Equals€ 39.7456.1352016WWE
4817Jour de fête (The Big Day)€ 39.7215.3682013EYE
4818Baciami ancora (Kiss Me Again)€ 39.6205.8512011WBU
4819Chavela€ 39.6175.1522018CPF
4820The King (Promised Land)€ 39.6055.2792018PER
4821A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night€ 39.5365.5942015SEP
4822La prière (The Prayer)€ 39.5185.5752018CPF
4823À perdre la raison (Our Children)€ 39.4706.1462012BFD
4824Moonwalkers€ 39.2256.2162016IF
4825Jimi: All Is By My Side€ 39.1995.2522015CNA
4826The Bay€ 39.0796.3242012DFW
4827Revenge of the Green Dragons€ 39.0776.2702014DFW
4828Chill Factor€ 39.0006.0002001PAR
4829Grizzly Man€ 39.0006.0002005AFD
4830Hollywood Ending€ 39.0006.0002002AFD
4831The House of Mirth€ 39.0007.0002001WWE
4832Juana la loca€ 39.0006.0002006CM
4833Modigliani€ 39.0006.0002005WWE
4834My Life Without Me€ 39.0007.0002003AFD
4835Nordwand (North Face)€ 39.0007.0002010ML
4836Penelope€ 39.0006.0002008WWE
4837Possession€ 39.0006.0002002WB
4838Sånger från andra våningen (Songs from the Second Floor)€ 39.0007.0002001FM
4839Things We Lost in the Fire€ 39.0007.0002008UPI
4840Verdwaald in het geheugenpaleis€ 39.0006.0002010CD
4841Without a Paddle€ 39.0006.0002005UIP
4842Zwart Water€ 39.0007.0002010IF
4843Du forsvinder (You Disappear)€ 38.9915.7122017CPF
4844Brothers€ 38.7834.9072015ONB
4845Human Flow€ 38.7305.7562017IF
4846La paranza dei bambini (Piranhas)€ 38.6032019CPF
4847Buddy€ 38.5722019AMF
4848The Duke of Burgundy€ 38.4545.0032015CM
4849Tony€ 38.4055.7582016AMF
4850Dedemin fisi€ 38.3724.2652016KINO


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