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4001360€ 85.73012.3732012BFD
4002Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai€ 85.31116.0002000UPI
4003Son of a Gun€ 85.22412.7762015DFW
4004Le fidèle (Racer and the Jailbird)€ 85.21311.9292017PAR
4005Prins€ 85.13512.0172015JFD
4006Kleine ijstijd€ 85.10511.7772017SEP
4007Apocalypse Now Redux€ 85.00012.0002001AFD
4008The Black Dahlia€ 85.00014.0002006ML
4009Boat Trip€ 85.00014.0002003PAR
4010Brødre (Brothers)€ 85.00015.0002005AFD
4011The Children of Huang Shi€ 85.00015.0002008WWE
4012Enigma€ 85.00014.0002002IFD
4013L' immortel (The Immortal)€ 85.00013.0002010WWE
4014A Love Song for Bobby Long€ 85.00016.0002005ML
4015Melinda and Melinda€ 85.00013.0002005FOX
4016Requiem for a Dream€ 85.00016.0002001IF
4017Weekend€ 84.81911.5642012CM
4018Comme un chef (The Chef)€ 84.74111.9602012LUM
4019Minding the Gap€ 84.5182019PER
4020Souvenir€ 84.51812.2152017ART
4021The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir€ 84.32511.3752018PAR
4022Being Flynn€ 84.06012.3982012BFD
4023The Philosophers (After the Dark)€ 84.04413.3542014DFW
4024Baarìa€ 84.00012.0002010PAR
4025In the Bedroom€ 84.00015.0002002PAR
4026Kan door huid heen€ 84.00013.0002009BFD
4027Mr. Nobody€ 84.00013.0002010IF
4028Rescue Dawn€ 84.00015.0002007BFD
4029Sepp: De Wolvenvriend€ 83.97312.5952016JFD
4030Ôtez-moi d'un doute (Just to Be Sure)€ 83.81911.6542018CNA
4031An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power€ 83.79610.8422017UPI
4032Oh Lucy!€ 83.79111.3962018CPF
4033Ants on a Shrimp€ 83.77711.3522016CD
4034Un amour impossible (An Impossible Love)€ 83.7352019CPF
4035Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse€ 83.34212.1272015UPI
4036The Boxer€ 83.04215.0001998UIP
4037Boys Don't Cry€ 83.04217.0002000FOX
4038Pitch Black€ 83.04215.0002000UIP
4039DeUsynlige (Troubled Water)€ 83.00014.0002009WBU
4040Elsker dig for evigt (Open Hearts)€ 83.00014.0002003AFD
4041Der Krieger und die Kaiserin (The Princess and the Warrior)€ 83.00017.0002001AFD
4042Serenity€ 83.00013.0002005UIP
4043Testament of Youth€ 82.96812.0172015CNA
4044The Best of IDFA on Tour 2017-2018€ 82.5792018CD
4045Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart€ 82.49013.1502011ART
4046Let Me In€ 82.48312.7612011AFD
4047Anni felici (Those Happy Years)€ 82.41211.0532014CM
4048Broken€ 82.29912.3092013WBU
4049I nostri ragazzi (The Dinner)€ 82.29011.7922015ART
4050The Damned (Gallows Hill)€ 82.03711.0682014DFW


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