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2451Seven Days to Live€ 129.0002001ML
2452Shaun of the Dead€ 129.00020.0002004UIP
2453Nymphomaniac, Volume 2€ 128.97017.1132014SEP
2454Maps to the Stars€ 128.93718.7072014CNA
2455Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd€ 128.00020.0002003RCV
2456In the Cut€ 128.00020.0002004AFD
2457The Machinist€ 128.00020.0002005PAR
2458A Most Violent Year€ 127.84318.2852015LUM
2459Metallica Through the Never€ 127.30612.0502013E1
2460See No Evil€ 127.00022.0002006RCV
2461Super Size Me€ 126.00019.0002004AFD
2462Apollo 18€ 125.27318.7042011E1
2463Loving€ 125.1962017UPI
2464After the Sunset€ 125.00019.0002005PAR
2465War€ 125.00019.0002007RCV
2466This Must Be the Place€ 124.93517.2772012CNA
2467Away We Go€ 124.00020.0002009AFD
2468La siciliana ribelle (The Sicilian Girl)€ 124.00019.0002009CM
2469Speed Racer€ 124.00018.0002008WB
2470The Corruptor€ 123.88223.0001999
2471Life€ 123.67616.9462015E1
2472Dior and I€ 123.02515.3532015IMA
2473Last Holiday€ 123.00019.0002006UIP
2474Two Mothers€ 122.97118.1982013FFD
2475Ruby Sparks€ 122.58217.3382012FOX
2476Moneyball€ 122.14817.3392011SPR
2477Bandidas€ 122.00019.0002006IF
2478Frost/Nixon€ 122.00019.0002009UPI
2479The Hunting Party€ 122.00019.0002008BFD
2480Paris, je t'aime (Paris, I Love You)€ 122.00020.0002007AFD
2481Child 44€ 121.57216.5072015IF
2482Silence€ 121.1732017PAR
2483C'era una volta il west (Once Upon a Time in the West)€ 121.13613.4242016EYE
248413€ 121.03219.1652011E1
2485Ghost World€ 121.00021.0002002IF
2486Leap Year€ 121.00019.0002010UPI
2487Soul Kitchen€ 121.00019.0002010CNA
2488Team America: World Police€ 121.00018.0002005UIP
2489Fifty Shades of Black€ 120.91815.8092016E1
2490An Ideal Husband€ 120.70621.0002000IF
2491The Assassination of Richard Nixon€ 120.00019.0002005IF
2492Fish Tank€ 120.00018.0002009CNA
2493Ae Fond Kiss...€ 120.00018.0002004AFD
2494Secretary€ 120.00020.0002003PAR
2495Whale Rider€ 120.00022.0002003RCV
2496Reasonable Doubt€ 119.95717.6482014DFW
2497Air Bud: Golden Receiver€ 119.79825.0002000RCV
2498Small Soldiers€ 119.79823.0001998UIP
2499Tarzan€ 119.79515.8112013IF
2500Knock Knock€ 119.79416.5052015DFW


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