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3151Whitney: Can I Be Me€ 55.6847.2822017PER
3152A-X-L€ 55.5042018WWE
3153Short Term 12€ 55.4878.5542013FFD
3154Jayne Mansfield's Car€ 55.3837.9002013BFD
3155The Riot Club€ 55.0857.3152014LUM
3156Bottle Shock€ 55.0009.0002008EFP
3157Che: Part Two€ 55.0009.0002009WBU
3158How She Move€ 55.0009.0002008UPI
3159Thunderpants€ 55.00010.0002002AFD
3160Waltz with Bashir€ 55.0009.0002008CNA
3161Midnight Special€ 54.8547.4212016FOX
3162Eighth Grade€ 54.5422019CM
3163Suspiria€ 54.4742018CNA
3164Your Highness€ 54.1759.1152011UPI
316511:14€ 54.0008.0002005ML
3166Cherry Falls€ 54.00011.0002001PAR
3167The Love Guru€ 54.00010.0002008UPI
3168Red Road€ 54.0009.0002007AFD
3169White Material€ 54.0008.0002010WBU
3170Attack the Block€ 53.9788.8092011WWE
3171The Hole€ 53.8766.5272011ML
3172What We Did on Our Holiday€ 53.6467.3512015AMF
3173Oasis: Supersonic€ 53.2906.3352016CPF
3174The Diary of a Teenage Girl€ 53.1957.5252015LUM
3175The Family Fang€ 53.1847.2522016DFW
3176Het lied van de zee (Song of the Sea)€ 53.1078.1312015TWF
3177Music of the Heart€ 53.09210.0002000WWE
3178American Splendor€ 53.0008.0002004FM
3179The Dreamers€ 53.0009.0002004AFD
3180Must Love Dogs€ 53.0008.0002005WB
3181The Snow Walker€ 53.0009.0002004CM
3182Storytelling€ 53.0009.0002002PAR
3183Tara Road€ 53.0009.0002006WWE
3184Texas Killing Fields€ 52.6998.4612011WWE
3185Pride and Prejudice and Zombies€ 52.6837.7402016IF
3186Then Came You€ 52.2722019DFW
3187Twelve€ 52.2518.6192011BFD
3188Drop Dead Gorgeous€ 52.1859.0002000ONB
3189Term Life€ 52.1727.9092016DFW
3190Where to Invade Next€ 52.0977.1922016DFW
3191After.Life€ 52.0008.0002010WWE
3192Kinsey€ 52.0009.0002005PAR
3193Sweet November€ 52.0009.0002001WB
3194Tamara Drewe€ 52.0009.0002010CNA
3195Leatherface€ 51.9246.9622017DFW
3196Byzantium€ 51.3548.4152013CNA
3197Ginger & Rosa€ 51.3108.3172013FFD
3198Birth€ 51.0008.0002005PAR
3199The Good German€ 51.0008.0002007WB
3200Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back€ 51.0008.0002002WWE


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