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551The Truman Show€ 1.967.005333.9211998UIP
552Con Air€ 1.966.894397.8051997BVI
553Warcraft: The Beginning€ 1.962.108194.8352016UPI
554The Expendables€ 1.957.211272.0952010BFD
555The Departed€ 1.951.043254.3332006WB
556Scary Movie€ 1.946.986324.2772000RCV
557Transformers: The Last Knight€ 1.945.723195.8852017UPI
558Moulin Rouge!€ 1.943.000288.0002001NFFC
559The Mountain Between Us€ 1.942.253230.7822017FOX
560Spy€ 1.940.522239.1762015FOX
561Zambezia: De verborgen vogelstad€ 1.939.776229.5872013E1
562Beverly Hills Cop III€ 1.936.405350.0271994UIP
563The Pelican Brief€ 1.936.207319.5931994WB
564The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo€ 1.933.856235.6632012SPR
565Captain America: The Winter Soldier€ 1.926.226201.7772014WDS
566Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle€ 1.925.551286.8602003CTF
567The Mummy€ 1.924.800204.1262017UPI
568Divergent€ 1.924.673246.5552014IF
569Sliver€ 1.920.186357.2821993UIP
570Beethoven's 2nd€ 1.918.350366.6271993UIP
571Van Helsing€ 1.913.959268.3892004UIP
572Girls Night Out (Rough Night)€ 1.913.294230.0662017UPI
573Showtime€ 1.912.000284.0002002WB
574Bridesmaids€ 1.908.548248.1492011UPI
575The Bourne Legacy€ 1.907.821234.1322012UPI
576The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian€ 1.894.459259.5052008WDS
577X-Men Origins: Wolverine€ 1.893.693251.1872009FOX
578The Commuter€ 1.891.7632018E1
579Deep Blue Sea€ 1.890.251320.8041999WB
580300€ 1.888.985249.0462007WB
581Gekijô-ban poketto monsutâ: Maboroshi no pokemon: Rugia bakutan (Pokémon: The Movie 2000)€ 1.884.540360.5682000WB
582Last Vegas€ 1.883.217237.3962013E1
583Snoopy en Charlie Brown: De Peanuts Film (The Peanuts Movie)€ 1.882.791248.8692015FOX
584Bad Moms 2 (A Bad Moms Christmas)€ 1.882.046221.0962017SEA
585Monsters University€ 1.876.398233.9832013WDS
586Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls€ 1.868.738329.4211996WB
587BlacKkKlansman€ 1.865.0112018UPI
588The Mexican€ 1.865.000308.0002001UIP
589Stuart Little 2€ 1.862.000334.0002002CTF
590Safe House€ 1.860.243235.9792012UPI
591Prometheus€ 1.856.191191.7242012WB
592Rush Hour 2€ 1.855.000271.0002001PAR
593Me Before You€ 1.850.885222.4902016FOX
594Erin Brockovich€ 1.850.853301.5852000CTF
595The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor€ 1.846.227311.1442008UPI
596Something's Gotta Give€ 1.838.147257.9522004WB
597National Treasure: Book of Secrets€ 1.831.704241.8892008WDS
598The Perfect Storm€ 1.825.318288.7062000WB
599The First Wives Club€ 1.821.397311.1381997UIP
600King Arthur: Legend of the Sword€ 1.820.270199.5222017WB


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