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2151Old Man and the Gun (2018)€ 337.26442.809SEA
2152Friends 25th: The One with the Anniversary (2019)€ 335.7362018WB
2153Broken City (2013)€ 334.36546.2272019DFW
2154Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)€ 334.00049.0002013IF
2155The Stepford Wives (2004)€ 334.00050.0002005UIP
2156A Weekend in Paris (2013)€ 333.62645.6582004CNA
2157Lady Macbeth (2016)€ 333.13244.0462014CPF
2158The Life of David Gale (2003)€ 333.00051.0002017UIP
2159Michael Clayton (2007)€ 333.00048.0002003IF
2160Kidnap (2017)€ 332.72744.2022007DFW
2161AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (2007)€ 332.00045.0002017FOX
2162The Judge (2014)€ 331.47044.2762008WB
2163Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D (1999)€ 331.40335.5162014FOX
2164Arthur (2011)€ 330.82146.8622012WB
2165All My Life (2020)€ 330.15234.5012011UPI
2166The International (2009)€ 330.00047.0002020SPR
2167Mr. Brooks (2007)€ 329.00060.0002009WWE
2168The Grey (2012)€ 328.06746.5442007DFW
2169Broken Flowers (2005)€ 328.00049.0002012AFD
2170On the Rocks (2020)€ 327.75035.9102005POM
2171We Are Your Friends (2015)€ 327.33442.1282020DFW
2172Boogeyman (2005)€ 327.00047.0002015IF
2173The Devil's Double (2011)€ 326.35648.1242005AFD
2174Steve Jobs (2015)€ 326.32542.5662011UPI
2175Morning Glory (2010)€ 326.30847.5082015UPI
2176Western Stars (2019)€ 325.4352011WB
2177Cinderella Man (2005)€ 325.00050.0002019BVI
2178A Dangerous Method (2011)€ 324.46544.7522005CNA
2179Ugly Dolls (2019)€ 323.89244.6092012SEA
2180The Story of Us (1999)€ 323.09252.0002019WB
2181Motherless Brooklyn (2019)€ 323.08738.5452000WB
2182A Dog's Purpose (2017)€ 322.41943.2772019WWE
2183The Boy 2: Brahms’ Curse (2020)€ 322.17736.2612017SEA
2184Driven (2001)€ 321.00051.0002020WB
2185Wild Card (2015)€ 320.86043.0012001DFW
2186Wonder Wheel (2017)€ 320.58141.9332015PAR
2187The Sisters Brothers (2018)€ 319.92242.2132017SEA
2188Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)€ 319.69241.9212018UPI
2189The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)€ 319.00061.0002016BVI
2190The Forest (2016)€ 318.20139.8742002JFD
2191The Hills Have Eyes (2006)€ 318.00058.0002016FOX
2192Walk with Me (2017)€ 317.27539.8962006CM
2193Capote (2005)€ 317.00047.0002017SPR
2194Death Sentence (2007)€ 317.00046.0002006WWE
2195My Boss' Daughter (2003)€ 317.00050.0002007WWE
2196Power Rangers (2017)€ 316.58743.0952003IF
2197Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)€ 316.41344.1562017AFD
2198Dallas Buyers Club (2013)€ 316.09843.0492012IF
2199Into the Woods (2014)€ 315.15243.5562014WDS
2200Furry Vengeance (2010)
   De bonte brigade
€ 314.00049.0002015WWE


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