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3251Term Life€ 52.1727.9092016DFW
3252Where to Invade Next€ 52.0977.1922016DFW
3253After.Life€ 52.0008.0002010WWE
3254Kinsey€ 52.0009.0002005PAR
3255Sweet November€ 52.0009.0002001WB
3256Tamara Drewe€ 52.0009.0002010CNA
3257Leatherface€ 51.9246.9622017DFW
3258Mandy€ 51.8276.5822018UPI
3259Byzantium€ 51.3548.4152013CNA
3260Ginger & Rosa€ 51.3108.3172013FFD
3261Birth€ 51.0008.0002005PAR
3262The Good German€ 51.0008.0002007WB
3263Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back€ 51.0008.0002002WWE
3264Rachel Getting Married€ 51.0008.0002009SPR
3265American Pastoral€ 50.8367.2942016SPL
3266Good Kill€ 50.6357.6892015RIL
3267Happy thank you more please€ 50.0287.8132011BFD
3268Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues€ 49.9287.9802014UPI
3269The Last Wolf€ 49.7146.7922015CNA
3270Friends with Kids€ 49.6877.4322012PAR
3271Nico, 1988€ 49.6127.4842018CM
3272The Luzhin Defence€ 49.4629.0002000WWE
3273Chinatown€ 49.0997.0632016EYE
3274Celebrity€ 49.0089.0001999IFD
3275Cassandra's Dream€ 49.0007.0002008AFD
3276De-lovely€ 49.0007.0002004FOX
3277Drillbit Taylor€ 49.0009.0002008UPI
3278Elf€ 49.0008.0002003AFD
3279Good Advice€ 49.0009.0002001TLP
3280Ken Park€ 49.0009.0002003AFD
3281Lantana€ 49.0009.0002003AFD
3282Mother and Child€ 49.0008.0002010CNA
3283The Other Man€ 49.0009.0002009AFD
3284Synecdoche, New York€ 49.0008.0002009PAR
3285Trade€ 49.0007.0002007WWE
3286The Words€ 48.9727.4082012DFW
3287The Paperboy€ 48.9347.3512012WWE
3288The Paradise Suite€ 48.8357.7952015SEP
3289Stonehearst Asylum€ 48.7947.2022014WWE
3290The Sweeney€ 48.6767.8572013UPI
3291Dying of the Light€ 48.5517.4692015DFW
3292Still Mine€ 48.2287.7592013ART
3293Easy Virtue€ 48.0008.0002009AFD
3294Goya's Ghosts€ 48.0008.0002007AFD
3295The Company You Keep€ 47.9537.1542013IF
3296Blackmail (Grand Piano)€ 47.8427.5972014DFW
3297KIN€ 47.6996.4902018IF
3298Switchback€ 47.6478.0001998WWE
3299Wonders of the Sea 3D€ 47.5815.4732017DFW
3300Thanks for Sharing€ 47.5647.2872013PAR


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