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1801Charlie Wilson's War€ 367.00053.0002008UPI
1802Mystic River€ 367.00054.0002003WB
1803As Above/So Below€ 365.90652.1752014UPI
1804Larry Crowne€ 365.71250.1202011E1
1805Invictus€ 365.00050.0002010WB
1806Behind the Candelabra€ 364.13247.7482013DFW
1807Notes on a Scandal€ 364.00056.0002007FOX
1808Sylvia€ 364.00062.0002004RCV
1809Beyond Sleep (Nooit meer slapen)€ 363.50547.4162016SEP
1810The Exorcism of Emily Rose€ 362.00052.0002005SPR
1811Make It Happen€ 362.00048.0002009BFD
1812Men of Honor€ 362.00058.0002001NFFC
1813The Rainmaker€ 359.84863.0001998UIP
1814House of Wax€ 359.00054.0002005WB
1815Star Wars: The Clone Wars€ 358.00064.0002008WB
1816Far from Heaven€ 357.00062.0002003PAR
1817Zodiac€ 357.00049.0002007WB
1818The 13th Warrior€ 356.21762.0001999BVI
1819Anywhere But Home€ 355.00047.0002008WB
1820She's Out of My League€ 355.00051.0002010UPI
1821Pride€ 354.71048.9892014LUM
1822My Little Pony: The Movie€ 354.5592017IF
1823Animals United€ 354.03843.1022011E1
1824Do Not Disturb€ 353.04166.0001999BVI
1825Captain Corelli's Mandolin€ 353.00054.0002001UIP
1826Matchstick Men€ 353.00053.0002003WB
1827The Merchant of Venice€ 353.00053.0002006BFD
1828Righteous Kill€ 353.00047.0002009ML
1829Wish Upon€ 352.8362017SPL
1830Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen€ 352.00052.0002004BVI
1831Orphan€ 352.00048.0002009WB
1832The Cider House Rules€ 351.68058.0002000RCV
1833Unfriended€ 351.37543.7882015UPI
1834The Mechanic€ 351.00249.4902011BFD
1835The Number 23€ 351.00049.0002007PAR
1836Just My Luck€ 350.00053.0002006FOX
1837Trespass€ 349.75247.5022012E1
1838What's Your Number?€ 349.45749.3192011FOX
1839Dredd€ 349.13342.0402012E1
1840The Other Guys€ 349.00049.0002010SPR
1841Angela's Ashes€ 347.59658.0002000UIP
1842Bride of Chucky€ 347.59663.0001999RCV
1843Love Is All You Need€ 346.41247.7692012CNA
1844Happily N'Ever After€ 346.0002007IF
1845We Need to Talk About Kevin€ 345.97249.1492011WBU
1846Death Race€ 345.00048.0002008UPI
1847Freddy Vs. Jason€ 345.00051.0002003RCV
1848Hotel Rwanda€ 345.00053.0002005RCV
1849The Party€ 344.2592017CNA
1850You're Not You€ 344.03644.7492014DFW


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