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3501Wendy and Lucy€ 25.0004.0002009FM
3502Gummo€ 24.9585.0001998PFED
3503The Divide€ 24.9154.0032012DFW
35048½ Women€ 24.9124.5612000ONB
3505Blackfish€ 24.8273.4502013FFD
3506Blackbird€ 24.4344.0962013ART
3507I Am Not a Witch€ 24.4282018SPL
3508The Story of Film: An Odyssey€ 24.1512.5902012CM
3509Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil€ 24.0504.0001998WB
3510Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)€ 24.0004.0002009FM
3511Girlfight€ 24.0004.0002001AFD
3512Paranoid Park€ 24.0006.0002008AFD
3513Pope Joan€ 24.0004.0002010E1
3514Prince Avalanche€ 23.7573.6152013FFD
3515Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice€ 23.5903.0772015CD
3516The Last Elvis€ 23.5823.4822013AMF
3517Catch .44€ 23.3523.5002013DFW
3518The Boat€ 23.2912019DFW
3519Rio, I Love You (Rio, eu te amo)€ 23.2163.2442015SEP
3520The End of Violence€ 23.1435.0001998RCV
3521The Real Blonde€ 23.1435.0001998RCV
3522Blood Work€ 23.0004.0002002WB
3523My One and Only€ 23.0004.0002009RCV
3524Unaccompanied Minors€ 23.0003.0002006WB
3525Cheerful Weather for the Wedding€ 22.9923.5722013AMF
35265 to 7€ 22.8943.3352015DFW
3527He Named Me Malala€ 22.5783.5392015FOX
3528The Look of Love€ 22.4083.2632013WBU
3529Afterglow€ 22.2354.0001998RCV
3530At First Sight€ 22.2354.0001999UIP
3531High Art€ 22.2355.0001998CM
3532Pi€ 22.2355.0002000IF
3533Capturing the Friedmans€ 22.0004.0002003AFD
3534Enter the Void€ 22.0004.0002010WBU
3535Goodbye Solo€ 22.0003.0002009WBU
3536The Last Castle€ 22.0004.0002002UIP
3537London to Brighton€ 22.0003.0002007PAR
3538Personal Velocity: Three Portraits€ 22.0004.0002004CM
3539Please Give€ 22.0003.0002010SPR
3540Red Planet€ 22.0003.0002001WB
3541Tarnation€ 22.0004.0002005FM
3542Towelhead€ 22.0004.0002009BFD
3543The One I Love€ 21.7692.8092015RIL
3544Restless€ 21.4683.4842011SPR
3545Julien Donkey-Boy€ 21.3284.0002000ONB
3546The Company€ 21.0004.0002004PAR
3547D-Tox (Eye See You)€ 21.0003.0002002UIP
3548Flags of Our Fathers€ 21.0003.0002006WB
3549The Hollywood Sign€ 21.0004.0002001IFD
3550Man About Town€ 21.0004.0002006ML


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