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3101Splice€ 62.00011.0002010BFD
3102When You're Strange€ 62.00010.0002010E1
3103Wonderland€ 61.71411.0002000ONB
3104Vox Lux€ 61.7012019SEA
3105Barney's Version€ 61.1819.5122011E1
3106Seven Psychopaths€ 61.1528.4232012E1
3107Remember€ 61.1279.0732016PAR
3108The Interview€ 61.0118.6282015UPI
3109Evening€ 61.00010.0002007UPI
3110Life as a House€ 61.00011.0002002RCV
3111Seymour: An Introduction€ 60.8108.0582015RIL
3112God Bless America€ 60.3009.8122012DFW
3113Young Adult€ 60.2218.6232012UPI
3114Anything Else€ 60.0009.0002004AFD
3115Back to Gaya (Boo, Zino & the Snurks)€ 60.00010.0002004TLP
3116Bloody Sunday€ 60.00011.0002003AFD
3117Goodbye Bafana€ 60.00011.0002007AFD
3118Savage Grace€ 60.00010.0002008AFD
3119High Life€ 59.7992019IMA
3120The Immigrant€ 59.5028.9782014PAR
3121Freddie as F.R.O.7.€ 59.44512.0001998RCV
3122Lukas & Abel: vleugelbroertjes (Brothers of the Wind)€ 59.3238.7332017SPL
3123Lonely Hearts€ 59.00010.0002007RCV
3124Patti Cake$€ 58.9109.3752017CNA
3125Love and Death on Long Island€ 58.89113.0001998CM
3126Kidnapping Freddy Heineken€ 58.6218.5452015AFD
3127Return to Paradise€ 58.53812.0001998PFED
3128The Prince€ 58.36010.1022014DFW
31296 Below€ 58.3408.2402017DFW
3130Gemma Bovery€ 58.2598.6232014FFD
3131Alpha Dog€ 58.0009.0002007PAR
3132The Clearing€ 58.0008.0002004FOX
3133Reservation Road€ 58.00010.0002008RCV
3134Man Up€ 57.7479.0112015E1
3135I, Anna€ 57.7238.0142013CM
3136The Salvation€ 57.5037.9932014SEP
3137The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford€ 57.0008.0002007WB
3138Funny Games€ 57.00010.0002008CNA
3139Manufactured Landscapes€ 57.0009.0002007CM
3140Nacho Libre€ 57.0009.0002007UPI
3141The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada€ 57.0009.0002006IF
3142Young@Heart€ 57.0009.0002008CM
3143The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir€ 56.8322018PAR
3144Martha Marcy May Marlene€ 56.6358.1012012FOX
3145Doctor Zhivago€ 56.1916.8492013EYE
3146Angel€ 56.0009.0002007CM
3147Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny€ 56.0009.0002007RCV
3148Time Freak€ 55.9992019DFW
3149Deep Rising€ 55.81510.0001998RCV
3150The Lady€ 55.7108.3092012CNA


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