Releasejaar: 2021

101The Unholy (2021)
€ 119.525SPR
102Un triomphe (2020)
   The Big Hit
€ 111.429PAR
103Copshop (2021)€ 111.148SEA
104Land (2021)€ 108.656UPI
105Tina (2021)€ 105.882UPI
106Niks vreemds aan (2021)€ 105.028JE
107The Misfits (2021)€ 102.837JE
108Antlers (2021)€ 100.094WDS
109Petite maman (2021)€ 94.997CNA
110Wrong Turn (2021)
   Wrong Turn: The Foundation
€ 93.940DFW
111Dorogie tovarishchi (2020)
   Dear Comrades
€ 93.693CPF
112Blackbird (2019)
   Silent Heart
€ 92.638DFW
113È stata la mano di Dio (2021)
   The Hand of God
€ 92.620WWE
114The Boy Behind the Door (2020)€ 92.074GUS
115André Rieu: Christmas with André (2020)
   André Rieu: Kerst met André
€ 92.007POM
116The Doors: Live at the Bowl ’68 Special Edition (2021)€ 87.984POM
117Titane (2021)€ 81.698GUS
118Le sorelle Macaluso (2020)
   The Macaluso Sisters
€ 80.195CPF
119Captain Nova (2021)€ 73.343GUS
120Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (2019)€ 73.328PER
121Un monde (2021)
€ 72.424VED
122Annette (2021)€ 72.234SEP
123The World to Come (2020)€ 70.720SPR
124I Care a Lot (2020)€ 69.165SEA
125Bings Dierenverhalen (2021)
   Bing's Animal Stories
€ 69.112ITA
126First Cow (2019)€ 68.373SEA
127Zappa (2020)€ 67.473POM
128Hvor kragerne vender (2021)
   Persona Non Grata
€ 66.075ART
129Tre piani (2021)
   Three Floors
€ 65.174CNA
130Le meilleur reste à venir (2019)
   The Best Is Yet to Come
€ 63.823SPL
131La dea fortuna (2019)
   The Goddess of Fortune
€ 54.105ART
132Don't Look Up (2021)€ 53.612WWE
133Words on Bathroom Walls (2020)€ 51.198SEA
134Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) (2021)€ 49.571WDS
135My Salinger Year (2020)€ 49.163PAR
136Martin Luther King vs. The FBI (2020)
€ 47.231CPF
137Pleasure (2021)€ 46.952GUS
138The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)€ 44.850SEA
139Herself (2020)€ 44.425DFW
140Fa yeung nin wah (2000)
   In the Mood for Love
€ 44.285EYE
141L' homme qui avait vendu sa peau (2020)
   The Man Who Sold His Skin
€ 42.992CNA
142La nuit des rois (2020)
   Night of the Kings
€ 42.966IMA
143Frida Kahlo: Viva La Vida (2019)€ 40.324POM
144Persischstunden (2020)
   Persian Lessons
€ 39.749SPL
145Oasis Knebworth 1996 (1996)€ 39.337POM
146Ghasideh gave sefid (2020)
   Ballad of a White Cow
€ 39.118CPF
147Hine anachnu (2020)
   Here We Are
€ 37.959IMA
148David Byrne's American Utopia (2020)€ 37.062UPI
149Hermitage. The Power of Art (2019)
   Ermitage. Il potere dell'arte
€ 36.546POM
150Das geheime Leben der Bäume (2020)
   The Hidden Life of Trees
€ 35.731PAR


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