Releasejaar: 2011

101Abduction€ 497.27769.6032011WWE
102The Dilemma€ 495.06967.8562011UPI
103Killer Elite€ 481.15665.7132011WWE
104The Adjustment Bureau€ 462.33465.0832011UPI
105Justin Bieber: Never Say Never€ 454.73451.3002011UPI
106World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles€ 451.01260.8302011SPR
107Water for Elephants€ 448.95761.9022011FOX
108Winnie the Pooh€ 448.76571.5112011WDS
109Something Borrowed€ 434.73260.6502011PAR
110De president€ 433.34057.5592011AFD
111Les femmes du 6ème étage (The Women on the 6th Floor)€ 429.37060.3462011CM
112The Rum Diary€ 420.34657.0912011WWE
113Rabat€ 415.59358.9702011BFD
114Conan the Barbarian€ 390.71746.2842011BFD
115127 Hours€ 390.62156.5472011FOX
116I Don't Know How She Does It€ 382.69352.3952011PAR
117The Rite€ 373.52150.4732011WB
118Arthur Christmas€ 371.97245.9802011SPR
119Le gamin au vélo€ 371.74253.6192011CNA
120The Way Back€ 368.30251.3282011WWE
121Larry Crowne€ 365.71250.1202011WWE
122Jodaeiye nader az simin (A Separation)€ 362.80950.7332011CNA
123Animals United€ 354.03843.1022011WWE
124The Mechanic€ 351.00249.4902011BFD
125What's Your Number?€ 349.45749.3192011FOX
126We Need to Talk About Kevin€ 345.97249.1492011WBU
127Patatje Oorlog€ 340.18251.5182011AFD
128Arthur€ 330.82146.8622011WB
129The Devil's Double€ 326.35648.1242011AFD
130Morning Glory€ 326.30847.5082011UPI
131Mijn vader is een detective: De wet van 3€ 325.86648.1412011AFD
132Heksje Lilly: Reis naar Mandolan (Hexe Lilli: Die Reise nach Mandolan)€ 321.88848.8092011ML
133Tous les soleils (All the Suns)€ 321.66347.9592011BFD
134Beginners€ 309.08745.2542011WBU
135Shark Night€ 308.41235.7342011WWE
136Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World€ 308.22436.8352011WWE
137Flypaper€ 305.62745.3952011IF
138La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In)€ 301.90843.6102011AFD
139The Ides of March€ 301.76943.5372011IF
140The Fighter€ 290.72243.2802011AFD
141The Lincoln Lawyer€ 286.87542.7552011WWE
142Fright Night€ 285.27532.6682011WDS
143Red Riding Hood€ 280.34139.7642011WB
144Paul€ 275.64440.4402011UPI
145One Day€ 269.44738.9362011BFD
146Jane Eyre€ 266.74939.9842011AFD
147Incendies€ 264.98640.6562011CNA
148Somewhere€ 263.07041.2412011AFD
149Don't Be Afraid of the Dark€ 260.92434.9682011DFW
15050/50€ 257.51737.9382011DFW


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