Keuring: 12 jaar en ouder

2001Amintiri din epoca de aur (Tales from the Golden Age)€ 26.0004.0002010WBU
2002Butterfly on a Wheel (Shattered)€ 26.0004.0002007WWE
2003Equilibrium€ 26.0005.0002003WWE
2004A Home at the End of the World€ 26.0004.0002004PAR
2005Linha de passe€ 26.0004.0002009CNA
2006Mou gaan dou (Infernal Affairs)€ 26.0004.0002004BAD
2007North Country€ 26.0004.0002006WB
2008Okhotnik (The Hunter)€ 26.0004.0002005FM
2009Les premiers les derniers (The First, the Last)€ 25.6933.6442016AMF
2010Schindler's List€ 25.6362019UPI
2011Everybody Wants Some!!€ 25.5964.1772016JFD
2012Kyss mig (Kiss Me)€ 25.5233.6162012CM
2013Parkland€ 25.3294.2872014SEP
2014Mozart in Love€ 25.2643.8722018JFD
2015Kill Switch (Redivider)€ 25.2623.7412017WWE
2016SuperClásico€ 25.2314.0062012AMF
2017The History of Love€ 25.1823.6872017CNA
2018No et moi€ 25.0933.9242011BFD
2019The Deep End€ 25.0004.0002001FOX
2020Krámpack (Nico and Dani)€ 25.0004.0002002CM
2021Offside€ 25.0005.0002007AFD
2022Ong Bak€ 25.0004.0002004BAD
2023Reprise€ 25.0004.0002007AFD
2024The Shape of Things€ 25.0004.0002004BAD
2025Vreemd bloed€ 25.0004.0002010AFD
2026Wendy and Lucy€ 25.0004.0002009FM
2027Gummo€ 24.9585.0001998PFED
2028Mariage à Mendoza (Welcome to Argentina)€ 24.9533.6402013AMF
2029Blackfish€ 24.8273.4502013FFD
2030Angry Indian Goddesses € 24.6273.3802016CM
2031A Long Story€ 24.5203.5912013CD
2032Blackbird€ 24.4344.0962013ART
2033Poupoupidou€ 24.3024.1162011AMF
203427 Missing Kisses€ 24.0005.0002001PAR
2035Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)€ 24.0004.0002009FM
2036Girlfight€ 24.0004.0002001AFD
2037Hilde€ 24.0004.0002009ML
2038Lila dit ça (Lila Says)€ 24.0004.0002005IP
2039Paranoid Park€ 24.0006.0002008AFD
2040Het woeden der gehele wereld€ 24.0004.0002006UIP
2041La guerre est déclarée€ 23.9194.1372011CNA
2042Prince Avalanche€ 23.7573.6152013FFD
2043Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice€ 23.5903.0772015CD
2044Unter dir die stadt€ 23.4933.7072011CM
2045Vergine giurata (Sworn Virgin)€ 23.3953.1862015CM
2046La quietud (The Quietude)€ 23.3262019SEP
2047Tous les chats sont gris (All Cats Are Gray)€ 23.1723.3492016AMF
2048Il testimone invisibile (The Invisible Witness)€ 23.1642020ART
2049Broeders€ 23.0483.5902018HFTV
205012€ 23.0003.0002009FM


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