Keuring: 12 jaar en ouder

1051A United Kingdom€ 284.69938.4082017PAR
1052Father Figures€ 284.34635.8042018WB
1053Chaos€ 284.00041.0002006BFD
1054Any Given Sunday€ 283.15948.0002000WB
1055Little Children€ 283.00042.0002007AFD
1056The Boy in the Striped Pajamas€ 282.00041.0002009WDS
1057De belofte van Pisa€ 281.4152019IF
1058Tapas€ 281.00048.0002006CM
1059God's Own Country€ 280.62235.1852018SPL
1060House at the End of the Street€ 280.43938.1972012PAR
1061Red Riding Hood€ 280.34139.7642011WB
1062Stronger€ 279.94238.4822017IF
1063Krampus€ 279.37435.5162015UPI
1064Arctic€ 278.0292019DFW
1065Caos calmo (Quiet Chaos)€ 278.00048.0002008CNA
1066Funny People€ 278.00044.0002009UPI
1067Visages, villages (Faces Places)€ 277.63536.0452017CNA
1068Ayla: The Daughter of War€ 276.41528.5182017ONB
1069Paul€ 275.64440.4402011UPI
1070Breakdown€ 274.53760.0001998CTF
1071The Book Thief€ 274.08538.0912014FOX
1072Dragonfly€ 274.00043.0002002BVI
1073Lady in the Water€ 273.00052.0002006WB
1074Transporter 3€ 273.00038.0002009WWE
1075Walk of Shame€ 271.72938.1722014DFW
1076A Hologram for the King€ 271.04036.1402016PAR
1077Disgrace€ 271.00041.0002009AFD
1078Disobedience€ 270.58434.8472018SPR
1079The Man Who Knew Infinity€ 270.42136.7582016PAR
1080Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring)€ 270.00046.0002004AFD
1081Kankerlijers€ 268.68035.5002014WWE
1082The Skulls€ 268.18445.0002000PAR
1083Richard Says Goodbye (The Professor)€ 266.5562019DFW
1084Love and Honor€ 266.35335.6122013DFW
1085Central do Brasil (Central Station)€ 265.91553.0001999WWE
1086The Night Before€ 265.01534.5332015UPI
1087Tully€ 264.59034.3792018SEA
1088First Mission€ 264.00041.0002010AFD
1089Somewhere€ 263.07041.2412011AFD
1090Padmaavat€ 262.46427.5782018VAN
1091The Butterfly Effect€ 262.00039.0002004PAR
1092Chloe€ 262.00036.0002010UPI
1093The Hole€ 261.00039.0002001AFD
1094High Crimes€ 260.00040.0002002FOX
1095A Mighty Heart€ 260.00038.0002007UPI
1096Yves Saint Laurent€ 259.67234.5952014WWE
1097La isla mínima (Marshland)€ 259.31934.8282015CNA
1098At Eternity's Gate€ 259.1272019SEA
1099St. Vincent€ 258.96836.7032014PAR
1100Replicas€ 258.7692019DFW


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