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301Divergent€ 1.924.673246.5552014IF
302Sliver€ 1.920.186357.2821993UIP
303Van Helsing€ 1.913.959268.3892004UIP
304Girls Night Out (Rough Night)€ 1.913.294230.0662017UPI
305Showtime€ 1.912.000284.0002002WB
306Bridesmaids€ 1.908.548248.1492011UPI
307The Bourne Legacy€ 1.907.821234.1322012UPI
308Daglicht€ 1.898.303243.9242013BFD
309X-Men Origins: Wolverine€ 1.893.693251.1872009FOX
310The Commuter€ 1.891.7632018E1
311Deep Blue Sea€ 1.890.251320.8041999WB
312Last Vegas€ 1.883.217237.3962013E1
313Bad Moms 2 (A Bad Moms Christmas)€ 1.882.046221.0962017SEA
314The Mexican€ 1.865.000308.0002001UIP
315Nynke€ 1.855.000269.0002001UIP
316Rush Hour 2€ 1.855.000271.0002001PAR
317Me Before You€ 1.850.885222.4902016FOX
318The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor€ 1.846.227311.1442008UPI
319National Treasure: Book of Secrets€ 1.831.704241.8892008WDS
320The Perfect Storm€ 1.825.318288.7062000WB
321King Arthur: Legend of the Sword€ 1.820.270199.5222017WB
322Captain Phillips€ 1.809.352226.5002013UPI
323The Addams Family€ 1.808.641326.9901991CTF
324xXx: The Return of Xander Cage€ 1.806.549183.8242017UPI
325The Bourne Supremacy€ 1.806.253250.1172004UIP
326Love and Other Drugs€ 1.805.701232.2102011WB
327Iron Man 2€ 1.802.979223.3332010UPI
328Clash of the Titans€ 1.794.676188.9662010WB
329The Italian Job€ 1.788.956268.2022003UIP
330Scary Movie 4€ 1.768.920253.3802006BVI
331Bad Neighbours 2€ 1.762.963215.3752016UPI
332Godzilla€ 1.750.401302.2711998CTF
333The Specialist€ 1.749.785327.9921994WB
334Oz: The Great and Powerful€ 1.747.660185.3472013WDS
335Death Becomes Her€ 1.746.099324.5261993UIP
336X-Men 2: X-Men United (X2)€ 1.738.795254.8212003FOX
337This Means War€ 1.738.650224.3392012WB
338Inside Man€ 1.731.914241.5742006UIP
339Vanilla Sky€ 1.727.000252.0002002UIP
340The Iron Lady€ 1.716.094224.2482012LUM
3412 Guns€ 1.711.724219.1972013UPI
342Don't Say a Word€ 1.705.000230.0002001FOX
343After Earth€ 1.704.499214.5622013SPR
344Austin Powers in Goldmember€ 1.690.000258.0002002RCV
345Ant-Man€ 1.688.183176.6672015WDS
346The Day the Earth Stood Still€ 1.685.635210.9012008FOX
347Traffic€ 1.683.000250.0002001RCV
348Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children€ 1.682.450187.4602016FOX
349Star Trek Beyond€ 1.681.326164.2282016UPI
350The Monuments Men€ 1.680.194210.4902014FOX


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