Keuring: 6 jaar en ouder

1Gooische vrouwen 2€ 16.883.9281.995.291IF
2Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone€ 15.475.2372014WB
3Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets€ 13.704.2922001WB
4The Lion King€ 13.350.4972.562.7972002BVI
5Minions€ 13.203.9761.618.3601994UPI
6Frozen II€ 12.325.6521.388.4272015WDS
7Despicable Me 3€ 10.603.9492019UPI
8Jurassic Park€ 10.133.7121.850.6192017UIP
9Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs€ 8.998.7951.134.6451993FOX
10Finding Dory€ 8.976.4721.082.9772009WDS
11Sing€ 8.851.3061.122.1182016UPI
12Finding Nemo€ 8.761.5271.347.2032016BVI
13Flodder in Amerika!€ 8.305.2141.493.8732003UIP
14The Secret Life of Pets (Huisdiergeheimen)€ 8.145.3931.026.5821992UPI
15Despicable Me 2€ 7.762.926925.5012016UPI
16Soof 2€ 7.647.637897.1502013DFW
17Frozen€ 7.626.859932.1362016WDS
18Ice Age: Continental Drift€ 7.534.881885.2032013FOX
19The Incredibles 2€ 7.277.926852.2162012WDS
20Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa€ 6.480.636943.0562018UPI
21Ferdinand€ 6.349.717812.4852008WB
22Ice Age: The Meltdown€ 6.169.975964.4402017FOX
23The Boss Baby€ 6.120.928801.1902006FOX
24Up€ 6.057.300795.7422017WDS
25Hot Shots!€ 5.983.7641.071.3672009FOX
26Shrek the Third€ 5.880.864883.5181991UPI
27Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted€ 5.813.056691.6812007UPI
28The Bodyguard€ 5.684.5861.024.3892012WB
29The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Huisdiergeheimen 2)€ 5.662.625701.3921992UPI
30Bruce Almighty€ 5.563.918906.0382019BVI
31Ocean's Eleven€ 5.526.000807.0002003WB
32Coco€ 5.366.961686.9832002WDS
33Shrek Forever After€ 5.310.375617.6852017UPI
34De nieuwe wildernis€ 5.278.472693.9242010DFW
35The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe€ 5.268.748743.4622013BVI
36Zootropolis (Zootopia)€ 5.234.247675.6502005WDS
37Madagascar€ 5.169.511997.9322016UIP
38The Smurfs 2€ 5.099.748625.2922005SPR
39Happy Feet€ 5.090.900776.3092013WB
40Corgi€ 5.087.450636.8772006IF
41Vaiana (Moana)€ 4.966.046611.3202019WDS
42The Grinch€ 4.915.418580.8942016UPI
43Abeltje€ 4.721.321900.5972018WB
44Rio 2€ 4.695.914580.2221998FOX
45Puss in Boots€ 4.601.300529.3112014UPI
46Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation€ 4.525.789565.6862011SPR
47Toy Story 3€ 4.487.628564.5722018WDS
48The Hunchback of Notre Dame€ 4.484.412876.2742010BVI
49The Incredibles€ 4.479.737693.0911996BVI
50Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones€ 4.378.000654.0002004FOX


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