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701Hooligans€ 201.00032.000WWE
702The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning€ 201.00028.0002005WWE
703Resident Evil: Retribution€ 200.98118.5432006SPR
704The Salt of the Earth€ 200.92426.3382012CNA
705Sanctum€ 199.97622.9222014PAR
706Monster's Ball€ 199.00031.0002011IF
707The Gift€ 197.91626.9892002SEA
708Mongol€ 197.00032.0002015BFD
709Saw€ 197.00034.0002008IP
710Peninsula (Train to Busan 2)€ 196.9062005SPL
711The Bling Ring€ 193.33327.8272020AFD
712Incarnate€ 193.12223.7232013DFW
713Ah-ga-ssi (The Handmaiden)€ 191.46825.2812016CNA
714Destroyer€ 190.89924.6372017SEA
715The Raid€ 190.42028.2302019AFD
716You're Next€ 190.34625.5562012DFW
717Lions for Lambs€ 190.00027.0002013FOX
718Edison€ 189.00029.0002007IF
719Hummingbird (Redemption)€ 188.94427.8732006DFW
720The Gallows€ 188.59623.2472013WB
721Act of Valor€ 188.48127.2652015AFD
722Long Time Dead€ 188.00030.0002012UIP
723The Railway Man€ 187.55726.6542002WWE
724The Bank Job€ 187.00029.0002014BFD
725The Messengers€ 187.00027.0002008BFD
726Nightcrawler€ 186.80526.7072007WDS
727Halloween: Resurrection€ 186.00028.0002014WWE
728The Eagle€ 185.61427.7172002WWE
729Down€ 185.00027.0002011BVI
730Lake Placid€ 184.68929.0002001FOX
731The Strangers 2: Prey at Night€ 184.46822.5302000SEA
732Gräns (Border)€ 183.33223.9812018FFD
733HHhH (The Man with the Iron Heart)€ 182.63124.3032018PAR
734Silence€ 180.89022.6522017PAR
735The Rental€ 179.4232017SEA
736The Sessions€ 177.77125.4892020FOX
737Hodejegerne (Headhunters)€ 177.24125.5782013LUM
738The Crucifixion€ 177.15622.8752012DFW
739The Pledge€ 177.00027.0002017WB
740Bait€ 176.38820.2402001DFW
741Pride and Glory€ 176.00025.0002012WWE
742Relatos salvajes (Wild Tales)€ 175.41024.6502008CNA
743Der Baader Meinhof Komplex€ 175.00025.0002014AFD
744Grimm€ 175.00030.0002008AFD
745The Uninvited€ 175.00024.0002003UPI
746How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Get the Gringo)€ 174.21524.4602009PAR
747Carriers€ 174.00030.0002012IF
748Guernsey€ 174.00026.00020091MF
749The Last House on the Left€ 174.00025.0002005UPI
750Il traditore (The Traitor)€ 173.5962009CNA


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