Christophe Beck

Componist - 47 films
Like a Boss€ 652.9282020PPI
Frozen II€ 12.325.6521.388.4272019WDS
Ant-Man and the Wasp€ 2.289.524231.2142018WDS
The Gringo€ 213.87929.2472018SEA
American Made€ 2.005.072244.3892017UPI
Trolls€ 3.683.513478.9022016FOX
Snoopy en Charlie Brown: De Peanuts Film (The Peanuts Movie)€ 1.882.791248.8692015FOX
Ant-Man€ 1.688.183176.6672015WDS
Terminator: Genisys€ 1.609.640165.1342015UPI
Good Kill€ 50.6357.6892015RIL
Frozen Sing-A-Long€ 299.25144.3952014WDS
Let's Be Cops€ 2.741.552352.7962014FOX
Edge of Tomorrow€ 1.196.802127.9192014WB
Muppets Most Wanted€ 561.96278.7572014WDS
Endless Love€ 156.01821.0122014UPI
Frozen€ 7.626.859932.1362013WDS
Runner, Runner€ 702.22292.5772013FOX
The Internship€ 806.038108.5462013FOX
Pitch Perfect€ 776.816101.3182013UPI
The Watch€ 833.462109.9902012FOX
This Means War€ 1.738.650224.3392012WB
Tower Heist€ 836.882113.6062011UPI
Crazy, Stupid, Love€ 1.607.114213.1302011WB
Waiting for Superman€ 1.0002010UPI
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief€ 1.454.139193.3502010WB
The Pink Panther 2€ 287.00040.0002009SPR
Drillbit Taylor€ 49.0009.0002008UPI
What Happens in Vegas...€ 2.677.894357.3362008WB
Fred Claus€ 25.0004.0002007WB
License to Wed€ 208.00034.0002007WB
The Sentinel€ 604.000115.0002006FOX
Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties€ 1.752.059329.6842006FOX
The Pink Panther€ 666.00099.0002006FOX
Two for the Money€ 238.00035.0002006IF
Ice Princess€ 253.00041.0002005BVI
The Perfect Man€ 261.00040.0002005UIP
Without a Paddle€ 39.0006.0002005UIP
Little Black Book2005CTF
A Cinderella Story€ 755.000113.0002004WB
Garfield€ 1.168.339196.6642004FOX
The Event€ 9.0003.0002004CM
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star€ 3.0001.0002004UIP
Cheaper by the Dozen€ 231.00038.0002004FOX
American Wedding€ 2.973.462439.7742003UIP
Just Married€ 551.00085.0002003FOX
The Tuxedo€ 794.000111.0002002UIP


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  • Films met releasedatum: 12.403
  • Films met recette: 7.337


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