Marco Beltrami (1966)

Componist - 59 films
A Quiet Place 22021PPI
Chaos Walking2021IF
Le Mans '66 (Ford v. Ferrari)€ 1.309.123135.3152019FOX
Scary Stories€ 567.96265.7822019WWE
Long Shot€ 594.55374.9972019IF
Free Solo€ 720.51582.7782019PER
A Quiet Place€ 1.360.533158.8182018PPI
Logan€ 3.017.820342.0232017WB
The Shallows€ 861.665105.1532016UPI
Gods of Egypt€ 917.71998.1822016IF
The Night Before€ 265.01534.5332015UPI
No Escape€ 251.71433.5262015WDS
Hitman: Agent 47€ 682.46184.8192015FOX
Fantastic Four€ 670.13885.7732015FOX
The Gunman€ 384.25350.1392015IF
Seventh Son€ 536.25156.9542015UPI
The Woman in Black: Angel of Death€ 233.64229.5522015WWE
The Drop€ 236.20932.9672014FOX
November Man€ 402.16262.6682014DFW
The Homesman€ 66.8239.1192014IF
Snowpiercer€ 164.02824.5972014FFD
Carrie€ 585.66075.8772013SPR
The Wolverine€ 1.799.965194.5782013FOX
World War Z€ 2.745.896293.8442013UPI
Warm Bodies€ 228.16133.0512013WWE
A Good Day to Die Hard€ 2.380.401284.7112013FOX
The Sessions€ 177.77125.4892013FOX
Deadfall€ 35.6605.0752012WWE
Trouble with the Curve€ 45.3847.7682012WB
The Woman in Black€ 626.05082.4022012DFW
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark€ 260.92434.9682011DFW
The Thing€ 91.86012.9202011UPI
Repo Men€ 97.00015.0002010UPI
The Hurt Locker€ 131.00020.0002010IF
In the Electric Mist€ 44.0007.0002009BFD
Knowing€ 1.136.950152.0242009IF
Mesrine: L'ennemi public n° 1€ 51.0008.0002009AFD
Mesrine: Part 1 - Death Instinct (L'Instinct de Mort)€ 92.00014.0002009AFD
Max Payne€ 626.00086.0002008WB
3:10 to Yuma€ 65.00012.0002008ML
The Eye€ 437.00060.0002008WWE
The Omen€ 389.00057.0002006FOX
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada€ 57.0009.0002006IF
Red Eye€ 846.878125.5282005UIP
xXx: The Next Level (xXx: State of the Union)€ 390.00056.0002005SPR
Cursed€ 157.00023.0002005WWE
Hellboy€ 139.00019.0002004CTF
I, Robot€ 2.110.218299.1982004FOX
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines€ 2.134.918310.3822003CTF
Resident Evil€ 428.00064.0002002IF
Blade II€ 1.407.000249.0002002WWE
Angel Eyes€ 20.0003.0002001WB
The Watcher€ 416.00063.0002001IF
Scream 3€ 1.794.547300.5002000WWE
The Faculty1999WWE
Scream 2€ 1.356.398244.5971998WWE
Scream€ 1.166.055214.6381997WWE


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