Carter Burwell

Componist - 49 films
The Good Liar€ 515.74762.0472019WB
The Big Lebowski€ 528.3902018UPI
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri€ 2.858.755345.3242018FOX
Wonderstruck€ 99.67313.1332017SEA
The Founder€ 269.95637.0632017SEA
The Family Fang€ 53.1847.2522016DFW
Anomalisa€ 102.47113.9042016UPI
Hail, Caesar!€ 783.91496.5282016UPI
The Finest Hours€ 77.0148.4242016WDS
Legend€ 95.85013.5802016WWE
Carol€ 1.085.474138.1422015CM
Mr. Holmes€ 372.12248.0512015PAR
August: Osage County€ 508.03671.4122014PAR
The Fifth Estate€ 69.51411.1182013WWE
Gangster Squad€ 1.286.216166.5862013WB
Seven Psychopaths€ 61.1528.4232012WWE
Howl€ 32.5635.1082011AFD
True Grit€ 1.073.179142.7752011UPI
A Serious Man€ 560.00079.0002010UPI
Where the Wild Things Are€ 300.00044.0002010FOX
The Twilight Saga: Twilight€ 965.270129.5032008IF
Burn After Reading€ 1.484.545200.1042008UPI
In Bruges€ 255.00038.0002008UPI
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead€ 104.00015.0002008AFD
No Country for Old Men€ 1.429.149191.7822008UPI
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus€ 14.0003.0002007PAR
The Hoax€ 90.00015.0002007IF
Kinsey€ 52.0009.0002005PAR
The Alamo2004BVI
The Ladykillers€ 732.000114.0002004BVI
Intolerable Cruelty€ 1.146.525165.0182003UIP
Adaptation.€ 343.00053.0002003IF
S1m0ne€ 112.00019.0002002WWE
The Man Who Wasn't There€ 306.00049.0002002PAR
Antes que anochezca (Before Night Falls)€ 73.00013.0002002CM
A Knight's Tale€ 740.000114.0002001CTF
Being John Malkovich€ 483.27685.0002000UIP
Three Kings€ 720.149120.0002000WB
Gods and Monsters1999ONB
Velvet Goldmine1999WWE
The Big Lebowski€ 448.33582.0001998PFED
A Goofy Movie€ 966.834231.6221996BVI
Barton Fink1992ONB
Doc Hollywood€ 1.242.658222.8261991WB
Miller's Crossing1991FHE
Raising Arizona1987HFR
Psycho III1986UIP
Blood Simple1985BEG


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  • Films met releasedatum: 12.387
  • Films met recette: 7.337


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