Ethan Hawke

Acteur/Actrice - 32 films

Boyhood€ 2.107.201248.1222014LUM
The Magnificent Seven€ 1.486.913175.8422016UPI
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets€ 1.288.377139.8972017IF
Total Recall€ 966.782128.7102012SPR
Taking Lives€ 708.000102.0002004WB
Training Day€ 649.00095.0002002WB
Sinister€ 632.02581.5372012WWE
Lord of War€ 532.00075.0002005ML
The Purge€ 481.72964.0752013UPI
Assault on Precinct 13€ 334.00049.0002005IF
Before Midnight€ 305.38739.7332013WBU
La vérité (The Truth)€ 292.9612020SEP
Regression€ 240.00731.1812015WWE
24 Hours to Live€ 238.45230.3302018SEA
Maggie's Plan€ 210.54128.2522016IMA
Maudie€ 207.81329.2322017IMA
Before Sunset€ 201.00029.0002004WB
Juliet, Naked€ 178.91223.3072018SPR
New York, I Love You€ 166.00024.0002009PAR
Brooklyn's Finest€ 159.00023.0002010BFD
Daybreakers€ 108.00016.0002010BFD
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead€ 104.00015.0002008AFD
Seymour: An Introduction€ 60.8108.0582015RIL
Good Kill€ 50.6357.6892015RIL
The King (Promised Land)€ 39.6055.2792018PER
Blaze€ 38.5494.8112019SPL
Snow Falling on Cedars€ 18.6053.0002000UIP
Tape€ 2.0002003USP
Reality Bites1994UIP
White Fang1991WB
Dead Poets Society1990BVI

Schrijver (Script) - 3 films
Regisseur - 2 films
Producent - 1 film


  • Films in de database: 13.366
  • Films met releasedatum: 12.090
  • Films met recette: 7.232


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