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Producent - 107 films
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King€ 168.2362020WB
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers€ 166.0682020WB
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring€ 203.5962020WB
Tulip Fever€ 240.95131.8802017WWE
Sing Street€ 30.4004.9102016IF
The Hateful Eight€ 3.330.274352.5022016WWE
Regression€ 240.00731.1812015WWE
Woman in Gold€ 411.40155.6402015WWE
Paddington€ 1.811.990264.0622015IF
Big Eyes€ 150.57120.7242015CNA
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For€ 266.45732.3702014IF
Ain't Them Bodies Saints€ 31.0225.6262014AFD
August: Osage County€ 508.03671.4122014PAR
Vampire Academy€ 229.24630.5222014DFW
Dark Skies€ 236.32831.9332013WWE
Silver Linings Playbook€ 1.275.093167.0662013AFD
Django Unchained€ 3.539.151419.9322013SPR
My Week with Marilyn€ 196.84229.0462012PAR
I Don't Know How She Does It€ 382.69352.3952011PAR
Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World€ 308.22436.8352011WWE
Superkapje en de turbo-oma's (Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil)€ 109.40814.4682011WWE
Scream 4€ 799.279103.7832011WWE
The King's Speech€ 3.844.497501.7652011PAR
Nine€ 192.00028.0002010PAR
Capitalism: A Love Story€ 100.00015.0002009PAR
Halloween II€ 97.00013.0002009WWE
Inglourious Basterds€ 4.670.918630.5122009UPI
Crossing Over€ 36.0006.0002009PAR
The Reader€ 1.543.474221.4192009BFD
The Meerkats€ 19.0003.0002009WBU
Zack and Miri Make a Porno€ 199.00031.0002009BFD
Superhero Movie€ 247.00045.0002008BFD
Factory Girl€ 43.0007.0002008EFP
Rambo€ 477.00066.0002008ML
The Mist€ 531.00074.0002008BFD
The Nanny Diaries€ 107.00016.0002008PAR
Sicko€ 89.00014.0002007AFD
Halloween€ 110.00015.0002007PAR
1408€ 971.649168.5322007BFD
Planet Terror€ 143.00025.0002007AFD
The Last Legion€ 155.00024.0002007BFD
Death Proof€ 388.00057.0002007AFD
Clerks II€ 31.0006.0002006WWE
The Great Raid€ 11.0002.0002006WWE
Scary Movie 4€ 1.768.920253.3802006BVI
An Unfinished Life€ 15.0002.0002005IF
Proof€ 45.0007.0002005WWE
The Brothers Grimm€ 372.00054.0002005WWE
The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl 3-D2005SPHE
Sin City€ 1.063.226177.7522005WWE
The Aviator€ 1.294.470166.7862005IF
Bad Santa€ 174.00026.0002004WWE
Ella Enchanted€ 28.0005.0002004WWE
Fahrenheit 9/11€ 1.599.725233.9202004PAR
Kill Bill: Vol. 2€ 1.770.858238.2972004WWE
Duplex€ 72.00012.0002004WWE
Cold Mountain€ 990.623130.4002004BVI
Spy Kids 3: Game Over€ 781.000133.0002004WWE
Scary Movie 3€ 2.857.983395.1472003WWE
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King€ 14.685.6981.810.3602003AFD
The Human Stain€ 80.00013.0002003PAR
Kill Bill: Vol. 1€ 2.076.877289.7422003WWE
My Boss' Daughter€ 317.00050.0002003WWE
Darkness€ 240.00037.0002003AFD
Equilibrium€ 26.0005.0002003WWE
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind€ 98.00016.0002003WWE
Chicago€ 651.00098.0002003WWE
Gangs of New York€ 1.562.227213.0602003WWE
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams€ 786.000154.0002003WWE
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers€ 10.524.0001.318.0002002AFD
Full Frontal€ 19.0003.0002002WWE
Halloween: Resurrection€ 186.00028.0002002WWE
The Shipping News€ 107.00018.0002002WWE
Kate & Leopold€ 641.000102.0002002WWE
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back€ 51.0008.0002002WWE
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring€ 12.864.0001.664.0002001AFD
The Others€ 1.662.000244.0002001ML
Scary Movie 2€ 2.146.000332.0002001WWE
Spy Kids€ 743.000155.0002001WWE
The Yards€ 33.0007.0002001WWE
Bounce€ 194.00040.0002001WWE
Chocolat€ 832.000137.0002001WWE
Reindeer Games€ 142.48724.0002000WWE
Scary Movie€ 1.946.986324.2772000WWE
Mansfield Park€ 108.00020.0002000IFD
Scream 3€ 1.794.547300.5002000WWE
Teaching Mrs. Tingle€ 150.65526.0002000WWE
B. Monkey1999RCV
The Faculty1999WWE
Little Voice1999WWE
Shakespeare in Love€ 2.335.139403.4891999UIP
Velvet Goldmine1999WWE
The Mighty1999WWE
Jackie Brown€ 1.012.015184.4531998WWE
The Wings of the Dove€ 106.18520.0001998WWE
Scream 2€ 1.356.398244.5971998WWE
Good Will Hunting€ 1.417.276251.1201998WWE
Scream€ 1.166.055214.6381997WWE
The English Patient€ 4.376.032698.1421997WWE
Flirting with Disaster1996CCF
The Crossing Guard1996CCF
Beautiful Girls1996CCF
Pulp Fiction€ 2.243.865336.8351994WWE
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