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Lady Bird2018UPI
Fences€ 86.3912017UPI
Zoolander 2€ 188.48423.9742016UPI
Steve Jobs€ 326.32542.5662015UPI
While We're Young€ 254.19032.5172015RIL
Ex_Machina€ 211.45428.7562015UPI
The Grand Budapest Hotel€ 2.369.678294.3922014FOX
Inside Llewyn Davis€ 535.84169.0832013AFD
Captain Phillips€ 1.809.352226.5002013UPI
Frances Ha€ 157.30121.4222013AFD
Moonrise Kingdom€ 527.77071.7002012BFD
The Dictator€ 2.356.370296.5602012UPI
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close€ 830.401109.8692012WB
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo€ 1.933.856235.6632012SPR
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows€ 3.334.295415.0092011WB
Moneyball€ 122.14817.3392011SPR
True Grit€ 1.073.179142.7752011UPI
The Social Network€ 1.200.611162.6982010SPR
Greenberg€ 169.00025.0002010BFD
Fantastic Mr. Fox€ 204.00031.0002010UPI
It's Complicated€ 2.543.492328.2382009UPI
Julie & Julia€ 418.00057.0002009SPR
Towelhead€ 22.0004.0002009BFD
The Reader€ 1.543.474221.4192009BFD
Doubt€ 237.00037.0002009WDS
Revolutionary Road€ 654.00092.0002009UPI
Stop-Loss€ 19.0003.0002008UPI
Margot at the Wedding€ 34.0005.0002008UPI
There Will Be Blood€ 453.00059.0002008WDS
The Other Boleyn Girl€ 396.00056.0002008UPI
The Darjeeling Limited€ 153.00024.0002008FOX
No Country for Old Men€ 1.429.149191.7822008UPI
Reprise€ 25.0004.0002007AFD
Venus€ 109.00018.0002007AFD
Notes on a Scandal€ 364.00056.0002007FOX
Failure to Launch€ 572.00084.0002006UIP
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou€ 119.00018.0002005BVI
Team America: World Police€ 121.00018.0002005UIP
Closer€ 764.000104.0002005CTF
The Manchurian Candidate€ 456.00068.0002004UIP
The Stepford Wives€ 334.00050.0002004UIP
The Village€ 2.245.585317.7582004BVI
The School of Rock€ 854.965128.0642004UIP
The Hours€ 676.000107.0002003RCV
Orange County€ 41.0006.0002003UIP
Changing Lanes€ 502.00072.0002002UIP
Iris€ 303.00055.0002002PAR
The Royal Tenenbaums€ 200.00031.0002002BVI
Zoolander€ 378.00057.0002001UIP
Shaft€ 1.324.300207.8172000UIP
Rules of Engagement€ 221.44536.0002000IF
Wonder Boys€ 137.49522.0002000WB
Bringing Out the Dead€ 72.15115.0002000BVI
Sleepy Hollow€ 1.097.335187.0762000UIP
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut€ 975.229162.9682000WB
A Civil Action€ 218.72237.0001999UIP
The Truman Show€ 1.967.005333.9211998UIP
The First Wives Club€ 1.821.397311.1381997UIP
Ransom€ 3.561.476597.0651997BVI
Addams Family Values1994UIP
Sister Act€ 2.686.928498.5601992BVI
The Addams Family€ 1.808.641326.9901991CTF
Pacific Heights1991MPG


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