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501Amour (Love)€ 975.196128.6422012CNA
502The Prince of Tides€ 974.540187.1191992CTF
503Saw II€ 974.419134.3842006IF
504Spotlight€ 972.000124.0672016E1
505About Time€ 968.671125.0892013UPI
506Black Butterflies€ 967.615137.4092011AFD
507Total Recall€ 966.782128.7102012SPR
508Single White Female€ 965.092189.5201992CTF
509Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa€ 960.797123.9362013UPI
510Briefgeheim€ 954.636139.2142010AFD
511My Best Friend's Girl€ 953.759129.1862008RCV
512The Tree of Life€ 951.009125.9172011IF
513Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire)€ 950.044130.7122010BFD
514Oesters van Nam Kee€ 950.000143.0002002UIP
515Wedding Crashers€ 949.735140.7232005AFD
516Blended€ 947.233121.2732014WB
517Double Jeopardy€ 945.216151.1722000UIP
518Up in the Air€ 942.652126.6302010UPI
519Fight Club€ 940.054159.0151999CTF
520Elle€ 938.870117.2542016IF
521Mama€ 937.319116.3342013UPI
522The Big Wedding€ 937.154121.8062013E1
523Florence Foster Jenkins€ 936.533122.8202016PAR
524Deepwater Horizon€ 932.992111.3342016IF
525Casino€ 930.334126.9831996UIP
526Road Trip€ 930.293154.2552000UIP
527Cloud Atlas€ 928.031108.0412012BFD
528Chronicle€ 927.514124.8212012FOX
529Billy Elliott€ 921.000153.0002001UIP
530Creed€ 919.634112.3442016WB
531Gods of Egypt€ 917.71998.1822016IF
532The Client€ 915.459181.8661994WB
533Manchester by the Sea€ 914.8622017UPI
534Dude, Where's My Car?€ 914.000175.0002001NFFC
535The Secret Life of Walter Mitty€ 912.865118.2592014FOX
536Body of Lies€ 911.499121.8432008WB
537In the Line of Fire€ 906.961172.7901993CTF
538Straight Outta Compton€ 905.355106.0612015UPI
539Argo€ 902.00093.5222012WB
540Ik ook van jou€ 897.000144.0002001RCV
541Primal Fear€ 895.153181.6821996UIP
542Legends of the Fall€ 894.748175.6681995CTF
543My Bloody Valentine€ 892.72088.4062009RCV
544Source Code€ 891.933124.7322011E1
545To Rome with Love€ 890.571115.5892012PAR
546The Best of Me€ 888.169110.6742014E1
547Sweet Home Alabama€ 888.000128.0002002BVI
548Nocturnal Animals€ 887.117109.1322016UPI
549Four Brothers€ 886.743121.1972005UIP
550Did You Hear About the Morgans?€ 884.267117.1572010SPR


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