Kijkwijzer: Drugs- en alcoholmisbruik

151The Other Guys€ 349.00049.0002010SPR
152Fucking Åmål€ 348.50369.0002000HS
153Love Is All You Need€ 346.41247.7692012CNA
154Adaptation.€ 343.00053.0002003IF
155Bachelorette€ 342.72347.2422012PAR
156Gegen die Wand (Head-On)€ 342.00055.0002004CM
157Jobs€ 338.05946.6472013E1
158Spring Breakers€ 337.67647.4032013IF
159Gloria€ 333.28144.6392013WBU
160We Are Your Friends€ 327.33442.1282015DFW
161The Devil's Double€ 326.35648.1242011AFD
162A Dangerous Method€ 324.46544.7522012CNA
163A Dog's Purpose€ 322.41943.2772017E1
164Wild Card€ 320.86043.0012015DFW
165Beasts of the Southern Wild€ 316.41344.1562012AFD
166Dallas Buyers Club€ 316.09843.0492014IF
167Ida€ 305.52341.7322014CNA
168The Perks of Being a Wallflower€ 305.17343.4452012PAR
169Loro€ 300.7592018IF
170Niemand in de stad€ 293.3562018SPL
171The Fighter€ 290.72243.2802011AFD
172A Good Old Fashioned Orgy€ 285.83540.2102012DFW
173Walk of Shame€ 271.72938.1722014DFW
174A Hologram for the King€ 271.04036.1402016PAR
175Kankerlijers€ 268.68035.5002014E1
176Love and Honor€ 266.35335.6122013DFW
177Central do Brasil (Central Station)€ 265.91553.0001999RCV
178The Night Before€ 265.01534.5332015UPI
179Yves Saint Laurent€ 259.67234.5952014E1
180Little Miss Sunshine€ 258.00037.0002006FOX
18150/50€ 257.51737.9382011DFW
182The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus€ 257.00039.0002010E1
183Marley€ 256.81334.1762012E1
184God's Own Country€ 255.2132018SPL
185While We're Young€ 254.19032.5172015RIL
186Chalet Girl€ 246.02433.4372011E1
187It's a Boy Girl Thing€ 245.00034.0002007RCV
188Tsotsi€ 245.00038.0002006ML
189Tully€ 244.0872018SEA
190The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans€ 241.00035.0002010BFD
191Hrútar (Rams)€ 240.73532.9842015IMA
192Two Night Stand€ 232.94131.9942014DFW
193The Glass Castle€ 230.81432.9342017IF
194Dogman€ 230.6732018CNA
195Sterke verhalen€ 228.00032.0002010AFD
196The Men Who Stare at Goats€ 225.00032.0002010E1
197Leviafan (Leviathan)€ 222.21329.0842014LUM
198The Selfish Giant€ 218.89230.8382014CNA
199I'm Not There.€ 216.00033.0002008AFD
200Best Night Ever€ 215.68729.6992014AFD


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