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2351Dying of the Light€ 48.5517.4692015DFW
2352Deliha 2€ 48.3732018KINO
2353Tian zhu ding (A Touch of Sin)€ 48.2806.5002014CNA
2354Goya's Ghosts€ 48.0008.0002007AFD
2355Schemer€ 48.0009.0002010IF
2356Blackmail (Grand Piano)€ 47.8427.5972014DFW
2357Switchback€ 47.6478.0001998RCV
2358Thanks for Sharing€ 47.5647.2872013PAR
2359El ciudadano ilustre (The Distinguished Citizen)€ 47.3122017SEP
2360Taxi€ 47.1938.0001998RCV
2361Poesía sin fin (Endless Poetry)€ 47.0282017PER
2362Girl Most Likely€ 47.0196.4072013IF
2363Fighting Fish€ 47.0007.0002004UIP
2364Just Friends€ 47.0007.0002006PAR
2365Het leven uit een dag€ 47.0009.0002009IF
2366Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále (I Served the King of England)€ 47.0007.0002007ML
2367Soul Assassin€ 47.0008.0002001AFD
2368What We Do in the Shadows€ 46.9636.2552014FFD
2369Une vie (A Woman's Life)€ 46.8582017SEP
2370The Act of Killing€ 46.7066.2772013CNA
2371L' insulte (The Insult)€ 46.4462018CNA
2372Bai ri yan huo (Black Coal)€ 46.0006.2192015IMA
2373The Cooler€ 46.0008.00020041MF
2374Eden€ 46.00013.0002006CM
2375The Flock€ 46.0007.0002008RCV
2376Hustle & Flow€ 46.0006.0002005UIP
2377Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India€ 46.0007.0002003FM
2378Lei ting zhan jing (China Strike Force)€ 46.0009.0002002IFD
2379Resident Evil: Apocalypse€ 46.0006.0002005PAR
2380Shanghai€ 46.0008.0002010E1
2381Sunshine€ 46.0007.0002003CM
2382Les Misérables€ 45.8328.0001998CTF
2383Suzanne€ 45.6386.5072014IMA
2384Blue Ruin€ 45.5747.2172014FFD
2385Trouble with the Curve€ 45.3847.7682012WB
2386Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants€ 45.3726.9742014CNA
2387Une vie meilleure (A Better Life)€ 45.1916.5882013FFD
2388Amazonia€ 45.1206.0662013CNA
2389Drôle de Félix (The Adventures of Felix)€ 45.0009.0002001CM
2390Zanan-e bedun-e mardan (Women Without Men)€ 45.0007.0002010EYE
2391Trishna€ 44.6486.4172012AFD
2392Michael Kohlhaas€ 44.5416.4542013IMA
2393Skoonheid€ 44.5346.2512012CM
2394Marie Baie des Anges€ 44.01710.0001998CM
2395Agent Cody Banks€ 44.0008.0002003FOX
2396Encounters at the End of the World€ 44.0007.0002009BFD
2397Fireflies in the Garden€ 44.0007.0002008RCV
2398Four Lions€ 44.0007.0002010PAR
2399In America€ 44.0007.0002003FOX
2400In the Electric Mist€ 44.0007.0002009BFD


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