Productiejaar: 2017

101All the Money in the World€ 444.6812018SEA
102Before I Fall€ 444.2302017E1
103CHiPs€ 443.3852017WB
104The Zookeeper's Wife€ 432.9582017E1
105Storm: Letters van Vuur€ 429.9552017DFW
106Alles voor elkaar€ 392.3842017E1
107My Little Pony: The Movie€ 354.5592017IF
108Wish Upon€ 352.8362017SF
109The Party€ 338.8212017CNA
110A Cure for Wellness€ 332.1022017FOX
111You Were Never Really Here€ 330.0542018SEA
112A Dog's Purpose€ 318.0982017E1
113The Beguiled€ 317.4762017UPI
114Kidnap€ 315.9892017DFW
115Power Rangers€ 308.3242017IF
116Nelyubov (Loveless)€ 305.9932017CM
117Flatliners€ 297.2622017SPR
118Retour en Bourgogne (Back to Burgundy)€ 297.1742017CNA
119Happy End€ 295.7532017CNA
120Darkest Hour€ 290.6102018UPI
121The Leisure Seeker€ 284.9802018IMA
122Wonder Wheel€ 284.0002017PAR
123My Cousin Rachel€ 281.2902017FOX
124L' amant double€ 277.8152017SEP
125Call Me by Your Name€ 274.2592018SPR
126Hampstead€ 265.0252017SF
127Sage femme (The Midwife)€ 258.2692017CM
128Stronger€ 257.0102017IF
129It Comes at Night€ 255.4512017SF
130Walk with Me€ 231.3092017CM
131Visages, villages (Faces Places)€ 226.3062017CNA
132Het doet zo zeer€ 224.2692017PAR
133The Wall€ 220.4342017SEA
134Detroit€ 218.3962017E1
135Gifted€ 205.3142017FOX
136Teströl és lélekröl (On Body and Soul)€ 204.3362017SEP
137Viceroy's House€ 196.5812017PAR
138Sing Song€ 193.3532017DFW
139Una mujer fantástica (A Fantastic Woman)€ 189.2632017SEP
140The Disaster Artist€ 187.1902017WB
141Tulip Fever€ 181.1812017E1
142Suburbicon€ 180.5042017SEA
143Breathe€ 180.3352017SF
144The Glass Castle€ 171.8882017IF
145Oh Baby€ 169.9322017E1
146Battle of the Sexes€ 167.9442017FOX
147Thank You for Your Service€ 165.8942017E1
148Django€ 162.3442017SF
149Toivon tuolla puolen (The Other Side of Hope)€ 160.7032017CM
150Hotel de grote L€ 154.4602017E1


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