Productiejaar: 1999

51The General's Daughter€ 604.000UIP
52Cruel Intentions€ 597.175113.0001999CTF
53Magnolia€ 563.14190.0001999AFD
54House on Haunted Hill€ 554.06689.0002000IF
55Being John Malkovich€ 483.27685.0002000UIP
56Fantasia 2000€ 483.27659.0002000BVI
57The Ninth Gate€ 424.28572.0002000IF
58The Matrix (20th Anniversary)€ 368.61141.4712000WB
59The 13th Warrior€ 356.21762.0002019BVI
60Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)€ 355.76470.0001999AFD
61Do Not Disturb€ 353.04166.0002000BVI
62The Cider House Rules€ 351.68058.0001999WWE
63Angela's Ashes€ 347.59658.0002000UIP
64Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D€ 331.40335.5162000FOX
65The Story of Us€ 323.09252.0002012WB
66Blast from the Past€ 289.51551.0002000RCV
67Any Given Sunday€ 283.15948.0001999WB
68Stigmata€ 271.81443.0002000UIP
69Dogma€ 249.57944.0002000WWE
70The Astronaut's Wife€ 245.04144.0002000WWE
71The Bachelor€ 244.58842.0001999WWE
72eXistenZ€ 220.99142.0002000DFW
73The Virgin Suicides€ 202.84036.0001999IF
74The Insider€ 197.84834.0002000BVI
75Baby Geniuses€ 188.31942.0002000CTF
76Edtv€ 186.50437.0001999UIP
77Lake Placid€ 184.68929.0001999FOX
78The Hurricane€ 179.24338.0002000WWE
79Taboo (Gohatto)€ 175.0004.0002000FM
80The Five Senses€ 157.91632.0002001CM
81Holy Smoke€ 157.00830.0002000WWE
82Teaching Mrs. Tingle€ 150.65526.0002000WWE
83The Delivery€ 147.02527.0002000WB
84Solas€ 143.39530.0001999HS
85Bicentennial Man€ 142.94125.0002000ONB
86Cookie's Fortune€ 139.31126.0002000WWE
87The End of the Affair€ 136.13424.0001999CTF
88Galaxy Quest€ 130.23523.0002000UIP
89The Corruptor€ 123.88223.0002000RCV
90Luna Papa€ 121.15923.0001999ONB
91An Ideal Husband€ 120.70621.0002000IF
92Sweet and Lowdown€ 116.62221.0002000CTF
93Buena Vista Social Club€ 110.72220.0002000WWE
94Mansfield Park€ 108.00020.0001999IFD
95The Limey€ 98.92418.0002000ONB
96Flawless€ 98.01717.0002000AFD
97Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai€ 85.31116.0002000UPI
98Boys Don't Cry€ 83.04217.0002000FOX
99Man on the Moon€ 78.95814.0002000UIP
100Le temps retrouvé (Time Regained)€ 75.78112.0002000FM


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