Productiejaar: 1997

51Boogie Nights€ 269.54546.000PFED
52In & Out€ 243.68043.0001998UIP
53Kundun€ 234.60438.0001998WWE
54Event Horizon€ 218.72238.0001998UIP
55Deconstructing Harry€ 162.90729.0001998ONB
56Mortal Kombat: Annihilation€ 158.36928.0001999UPB
57One Night Stand€ 150.20127.0001998PFED
58The Tango Lesson€ 148.38624.0001998CON
59The Edge€ 141.57926.0001998CTF
60The Ice Storm€ 133.86526.0001998BVI
61The Butcher Boy€ 133.41126.0001998WB
62She's So Lovely€ 129.78123.0001998WWE
63The Postman€ 117.98318.0001998WB
64The Winter Guest€ 112.08423.0001998ML
65Gadjo dilo (The Crazy Stranger)€ 110.72215.0001998ARG
66Spawn€ 108.90720.0001998PFED
67The Wings of the Dove€ 106.18520.0001998WWE
68The Sweet Hereafter€ 103.46220.0001998WWE
69Mrs. Dalloway€ 102.10117.0001998WWE
70Money Talks€ 100.28518.0001998PFED
71A Thousand Acres€ 86.21820.0001998PFED
72The Boxer€ 83.04215.0001998UIP
73The Man Who Knew Too Little€ 73.96613.0001998WB
74Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown€ 68.97513.0001998WWE
75Western€ 66.70613.0001998CM
76Picture Perfect€ 63.07515.0001998CTF
77Love and Death on Long Island€ 58.89113.0001998CM
78Marius et Jeannette€ 58.08412.0001998CM
79The Harmonists (Comedian Harmonists)€ 49.91610.0001998CM
80Hana-bi (Fireworks)€ 48.5549.0001998FM
81Switchback€ 47.6478.0001998WWE
82Carne trémula (Live Flesh)€ 46.7399.0001998ARG
83Marie Baie des Anges (Marie from the Bay of Angels)€ 44.01710.0001998CM
84Artemisia€ 41.4788.0001998CM
85¿Quién diablos es Juliette? (Who the Hell Is Juliette?)€ 40.8409.0001998FM
86The Hanging Garden€ 36.7565.0001998WWE
87Like It Is€ 33.5807.0001998CM
88Chasing Amy€ 32.2187.0001998WWE
89Chinese Box€ 31.7657.0001998WWE
90Winterschläfer (Winter Sleepers)€ 31.3116.0001998UPS
91Affliction€ 31.0006.0001998PAR
92Nightwatch€ 30.8576.0002001WWE
93Funny Games€ 25.4125.0001998CM
94Gummo€ 24.9585.0001998PFED
95Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil€ 24.0504.0001998WB
96On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song)€ 23.5976.0001998CM
97The End of Violence€ 23.1435.0001998WWE
98He liu (The River)€ 23.1435.0001998CM
99The Real Blonde€ 23.1435.0001998WWE
100Afterglow€ 22.2354.0001998WWE


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