Genre: Thriller

951Winter's Bone€ 130.00020.0002010PAR
95228 Days Later...€ 129.00022.0002003FOX
953La noche de los girasoles (The Night of the Sunflowers)€ 129.00020.0002008BFD
954Seven Days to Live€ 129.0002001ML
955In the Cut€ 128.00020.0002004AFD
956The Machinist€ 128.00020.0002005PAR
957A Most Violent Year€ 127.84318.2852015LUM
958Tarde para la ira (The Fury of a Patient Man)€ 127.14116.7582017CNA
959See No Evil€ 127.00022.0002006WWE
960Apollo 18€ 125.27318.7042011WWE
961War€ 125.00019.0002007WWE
9627 Days in Entebbe€ 124.86516.0942018WWE
963The Corruptor€ 123.88223.0001999
964Under the Silver Lake€ 123.82416.3752018SEA
965The Hunting Party€ 122.00019.0002008BFD
966Child 44€ 121.57216.5072015IF
96713€ 121.03219.1652011WWE
968Reasonable Doubt€ 119.95717.6482014DFW
969Knock Knock€ 119.79416.5052015DFW
970Desperate Measures€ 118.89025.0001998WWE
971The Professor and the Madman€ 117.6572019DFW
972Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels€ 117.07522.0001998PFED
973Godsend€ 117.00018.0002004ML
974The New Daughter€ 117.00017.0002010WWE
975Stoker€ 116.51317.3132013FOX
976Skyline€ 116.12717.6672011IF
977Femme Fatale€ 115.00020.0002002PAR
978The Double€ 114.40715.7952012DFW
979The Imposter€ 114.40315.2202013IMA
980Creep€ 114.00017.0002005IF
981Enduring Love€ 114.00018.0002005AFD
982Open Water 2: Adrift€ 114.00022.0002006WWE
983Blade Runner, The Final Cut€ 113.74514.0442015WB
984Criminal€ 113.71616.3232016WDS
985The Phantom of the Opera€ 113.00016.0002005PAR
986De grot€ 111.00019.0002001AFD
987Foxcatcher€ 110.86917.3012015AFD
988The Raid 2€ 110.64116.5862014AFD
989Cosmopolis€ 110.53016.4862012WWE
990The In-Laws€ 110.00020.0002003WWE
991Saw VI€ 110.00015.0002009BFD
992Kvinden i buret (The Keeper of Lost Causes)€ 108.92816.8572014LUM
993Miss Sloane€ 108.03516.7142017IF
994Daybreakers€ 108.00016.0002010BFD
995Zwei Leben (Two Lives)€ 107.20216.5232014CNA
996In the Valley of Elah€ 106.00016.0002008WWE
997Sabotage€ 104.99715.8362014IF
998I Am Wrath€ 104.95314.4152016DFW
999ATM€ 104.51815.6012012DFW
1000Before the Devil Knows You're Dead€ 104.00015.0002008AFD


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