Genre: Mysterie

201The House with a Clock in its Walls€ 518.80766.5172018WWE
202Three Identical Strangers€ 509.1952019PER
203Abduction€ 497.27769.6032011WWE
204Lucky Number Slevin€ 487.00071.0002006IF
205I Know What You Did Last Summer€ 486.90687.0001998CTF
206The Killing of a Sacred Deer€ 482.53661.1682017FFD
207The Amityville Horror€ 467.00067.0002005WWE
208Domestic Disturbance€ 465.00075.0002002WWE
209Overlord€ 463.10854.2262018PPI
210Midsommar€ 460.4592019DFW
211The Manchurian Candidate€ 456.00068.0002004UIP
212Before I Fall€ 448.92460.2102017WWE
213The Big Lebowski€ 448.33582.0001998PFED
214You Were Never Really Here€ 446.25657.5762018SEA
215A Perfect Getaway€ 439.00062.0002009AFD
216The Strangers€ 439.00060.0002008WWE
217The Wicker Man€ 437.00081.0002006BFD
218A Bigger Splash€ 431.45655.6462016LUM
219La mala educación (Bad Education)€ 426.00063.0002004AFD
220Winchester€ 425.70850.6872018DFW
221Basic€ 425.00071.0002003ML
222The Ninth Gate€ 424.28572.0002000IF
223The Watcher€ 416.00063.0002001IF
224Mulholland Drive€ 414.00067.0002002AFD
225Swimming Pool€ 404.00067.0002003CM
226Dans la Maison€ 402.61253.4072012CD
227The Omen€ 389.00057.0002006FOX
228Changeling€ 385.00053.0002008UPI
229Das weiße Band (The White Ribbon)€ 385.00054.0002009CNA
230The Gunman€ 384.25350.1392015IF
231Monster House€ 384.00076.0002006SPR
232Happy Death Day 2U€ 378.7462019UPI
233The Mothman Prophecies€ 373.00057.0002002IF
234Mr. Holmes€ 372.12248.0512015PAR
235Blackhat€ 367.08949.5942015UPI
236Mystic River€ 367.00054.0002003WB
237Zodiac€ 357.00049.0002007WB
238Righteous Kill€ 353.00047.0002009ML
239Orphan€ 352.00048.0002009WB
240The Number 23€ 351.00049.0002007PAR
241A Cure for Wellness€ 348.41745.2112017FOX
242The Constant Gardener€ 344.00050.0002005AFD
243The Illusionist€ 342.00051.0002007IF
244Michael Clayton€ 333.00048.0002007IF
245Caché (Hidden)€ 331.00050.00020061MF
246The International€ 330.00047.0002009SPR
247Mr. Brooks€ 329.00060.0002007WWE
248Broken Flowers€ 328.00049.0002005AFD
249Boogeyman€ 327.00047.0002005IF
250The Boy 2 - Brahms’ Curse (The Boy 2)€ 322.1772020SEA


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