Genre: Mysterie

351Stille nacht€ 95.00014.0002004ML
352Dragged Across Concrete€ 94.1662019DFW
353Crime d'amour (Love Crime)€ 92.00014.0002010BFD
354The Thing€ 91.86012.9202011UPI
355The Accidental Spy€ 90.00016.0002002WWE
356El orfanato (The Orphanage)€ 87.00015.0002008AFD
357The Black Dahlia€ 85.00014.0002006ML
358Enigma€ 85.00014.0002002IFD
359Der Krieger und die Kaiserin (The Princess and the Warrior)€ 83.00017.0002001AFD
360Let Me In€ 82.48312.7612011AFD
361The Damned (Gallows Hill)€ 82.03711.0682014DFW
362Totally Spies€ 80.00013.0002009IF
363Suspiria€ 75.9899.7712018CNA
364Frank€ 75.78010.1262015SEP
365Drowning Mona€ 75.0002001ML
366The Curse of the Jade Scorpion€ 70.00012.0002002AFD
367Irréversible€ 69.00012.0002002PAR
368Climax€ 67.8002019PER
369Lemming€ 66.00010.00020051MF
370The Dark€ 65.0009.0002006WWE
371Marauders€ 63.1429.0822016DFW
3729€ 63.00011.0002009AFD
373Tiramisu€ 60.00010.0002008AFD
374High Life€ 59.7992019IMA
375The Immigrant€ 59.5028.9782014PAR
376The Clearing€ 58.0008.0002004FOX
377Cherry Falls€ 54.00011.0002001PAR
378Red Road€ 54.0009.0002007AFD
379After.Life€ 52.0008.0002010WWE
380Birth€ 51.0008.0002005PAR
381The Good German€ 51.0008.0002007WB
382La doppia ora (The Double Hour)€ 50.0937.8292011CM
383La vie d'une autre€ 49.3297.1112012IMA
384Chinatown€ 49.0997.0632016EYE
385Lantana€ 49.0009.0002003AFD
386The Other Man€ 49.0009.0002009AFD
387The Words€ 48.9727.4082012DFW
388Blackmail (Grand Piano)€ 47.8427.5972014DFW
389Switchback€ 47.6478.0001998WWE
390Fanny och Alexander (Fanny and Alexander)€ 46.8856.3822018EYE
391Bai ri yan huo (Black Coal)€ 46.0006.2192015IMA
392The Flock€ 46.0007.0002008WWE
393Shanghai€ 46.0008.0002010WWE
394Proof€ 45.0007.0002005WWE
395They€ 45.0009.0002003WWE
396In the Electric Mist€ 44.0007.0002009BFD
397The Million Dollar Hotel€ 42.2029.0002000DFW
398Get Low€ 42.1767.5372011WBU
399North by Northwest€ 41.0001959FM
400Possession€ 39.0006.0002002WB


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Redacteur:Mattijs Grannetia