Genre: Horror

301Daybreakers€ 108.00016.0002010BFD
302Wolves€ 105.23115.4212015DFW
303ATM€ 104.51815.6012012DFW
304Queen of the Damned€ 104.00019.0002002WB
305Antichrist€ 103.00015.0002009WBU
306The Midnight Meat Train€ 103.00017.0002008AFD
307The Neon Demon€ 102.84714.7012016CNA
308Seed of Chucky€ 102.00014.0002004WWE
309Sightseers€ 100.44714.2982013CNA
310White Noise 2: The Light€ 98.00014.0002007BFD
311Piranha 3DD€ 97.60411.4752012PAR
312Halloween II€ 97.00013.0002009WWE
313The Last Exorcism€ 97.00014.0002010CNA
314Land of the Dead€ 95.00014.0002005PAR
315Only Lovers Left Alive€ 94.69813.1662014SEP
316Slither€ 94.00017.0002006BFD
317The Thing€ 91.86012.9202011UPI
318All the Boys Love Mandy Lane€ 89.00014.0002008ML
319Sl8n8 (Slaughter Night)€ 87.00012.0002006ML
320Lost Souls€ 86.00015.0002001WWE
321Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse€ 83.34212.1272015UPI
322Pitch Black€ 83.04215.0002000UIP
323Let Me In€ 82.48312.7612011AFD
324The Damned (Gallows Hill)€ 82.03711.0682014DFW
325Donkey Punch€ 78.00012.0002009EFP
326Cabin Fever€ 77.00011.0002004ML
327Suspiria€ 75.9899.7712018CNA
328The Quiet Ones€ 75.20510.3562014IF
329Quills€ 73.00012.0002001NFFC
330Horns€ 71.08711.2602014DFW
331Titus€ 69.00011.0002001PAR
332Stay Alive€ 68.00010.0002006UIP
333Climax€ 67.8002019PER
334Busanhaeng (Train to Busan)€ 66.1159.9632017SPL
335The Dark€ 65.0009.0002006WWE
336The House That Jack Built€ 64.7662019SPL
337Eden Lake€ 64.00010.0002009BFD
338Fragile€ 64.00010.0002006AFD
339Splice€ 62.00011.0002010BFD
340High Life€ 59.7992019IMA
341De poel€ 57.7598.3852014JFD
342Deep Rising€ 55.81510.0001998WWE
343Cherry Falls€ 54.00011.0002001PAR
344Pride and Prejudice and Zombies€ 52.6837.7402016IF
345After.Life€ 52.0008.0002010WWE
346Leatherface€ 51.9246.9622017DFW
347Mandy€ 51.8276.5822018UPI
348Byzantium€ 51.3548.4152013CNA
349Resident Evil: Apocalypse€ 46.0006.0002005PAR
350They€ 45.0009.0002003WWE


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Redacteur:Mattijs Grannetia