Genre: Drama

1751Howards End€ 111.05314.741EYE
1752La vida que te espera (Your Next Life)€ 111.00020.0002017CM
1753The Place€ 110.97114.6482005PAR
1754Foxcatcher€ 110.86917.3012018AFD
1755Matterhorn€ 110.75815.3592015CNA
1756Gadjo dilo (The Crazy Stranger)€ 110.72215.0002013ARG
1757Cosmopolis€ 110.53016.4861998WWE
1758Victoria€ 110.49314.4592012SEP
1759Song for Marion (Unfinished Song)€ 110.15616.8502015CNA
1760Love in the Time of Cholera€ 110.00016.0002013AFD
1761Then She Found Me€ 110.00016.0002008WWE
1762Une nouvelle amie (The New Girlfriend)€ 109.98314.7342008CNA
1763Bar bahar (In Between)€ 109.54414.5782014MOO
1764La tête haute (Standing Tall)€ 109.30415.4702018SEP
1765Still Life€ 109.10615.7002015SEP
1766Bella Martha (Mostly Martha)€ 109.00019.0002014CM
1767Organize isler (Magic Carpet Ride)€ 109.00014.0002002MTF
1768Venus€ 109.00018.0002005AFD
1769Juste la fin du monde (It's Only the End of the World)€ 108.56814.8622007CM
1770Der kommer en dag (The Day Will Come)€ 108.34016.2652016CPF
1771The Beaver€ 108.07816.4412017WWE
1772Miss Sloane€ 108.03516.7142011IF
1773Malèna€ 108.00020.0002017AFD
1774Mansfield Park€ 108.00020.0002001IFD
1775Oliver Twist€ 108.00018.0002000AFD
1776Seabiscuit€ 108.00016.0002005BVI
1777Rafaël€ 107.99515.3632004PAR
1778In grazia di Dio (Quiet Bliss)€ 107.91514.3192018CM
1779The Sapphires€ 107.82216.8922015PAR
1780Zwei Leben (Two Lives)€ 107.20216.5232013CNA
1781Blind€ 107.00016.0002014BVI
1782Dare mo shiranai (Nobody Knows)€ 107.00018.0002007BAD
1783Finding Forrester€ 107.00017.0002005CTF
1784The Nanny Diaries€ 107.00016.0002001PAR
1785The Shipping News€ 107.00018.0002008WWE
1786Queen & Slim€ 106.8092002WWE
1787The Wings of the Dove€ 106.18520.0002020WWE
1788Copying Beethoven€ 106.00017.0001998BFD
1789In the Valley of Elah€ 106.00016.0002007WWE
1790Undir trénu (Under the Tree)€ 105.95315.1392008PAR
1791Good newwz€ 105.68311.7042018ONB
1792Mustang€ 105.36315.4612019CNA
1793Sabotage€ 104.99715.8362015IF
1794I Am Wrath€ 104.95314.4152014DFW
1795Oude liefde€ 104.47114.2592016SEP
1796Louder Than Bombs€ 104.46314.5712017RIL
1797Song to Song (Weightless)€ 104.24513.9162016CNA
1798Before the Devil Knows You're Dead€ 104.00015.0002017AFD
1799Queen of the Damned€ 104.00019.0002008WB
1800The Sweet Hereafter€ 103.46220.0002002WWE


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