Distributeur: Warner Bros.

351The Disaster Artist€ 208.57326.3942017WB
352License to Wed€ 208.00034.0002007WB
353The Goldfinch€ 202.5112019WB
354Before Sunset€ 201.00029.0002004WB
355Pay It Forward€ 198.00032.0002001WB
356The Time Traveler's Wife€ 197.00028.0002009WB
357The Kitchen€ 196.1002019WB
358(500) Days of Summer€ 190.00033.0002009WB
359The Gallows€ 188.59623.2472015WB
360Laura's Star (Lauras Stern)€ 182.00032.0002005WB
361Analyze That€ 178.00026.0002003WB
362The Pledge€ 177.00027.0002001WB
363Woodstock€ 176.1122019WB
364Valentine€ 169.00026.0002001WB
365The 15:17 to Paris€ 168.05321.1622018WB
366Kangaroo Jack€ 166.00033.0002003WB
3672001: A Space Odyssey€ 165.21018.0872018WB
368Morrison Krijgt Een Zusje€ 162.00075.0002008WB
369Nights in Rodanthe€ 158.00022.0002008WB
370Journey to the Center of the Earth€ 152.00022.0002008WB
371Winter's Tale€ 149.92919.6792014WB
372The Delivery€ 147.02527.0001999WB
373The Informant!€ 146.00022.0002009WB
374My Name Is Khan€ 141.00018.0002010WB
375The Sun Is Also a Star€ 139.4792019WB
376Wonder Boys€ 137.49522.0002000WB
377Hereafter€ 134.69821.3252011WB
378Rock of Ages€ 134.34519.3192012WB
379The Butcher Boy€ 133.41126.0001998WB
380Speed Racer€ 124.00018.0002008WB
381The Postman€ 117.98318.0001998WB
382Blade Runner, The Final Cut€ 113.74514.0442015WB
383Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang€ 111.00017.0002005WB
384Queen of the Damned€ 104.00019.0002002WB
385Jersey Boys€ 101.83714.8662014WB
386The Invasion€ 98.00014.0002007WB
387Letters from Iwo Jima€ 87.00013.0002007WB
3882001: A Space Odyssey€ 75.6972017WB
389The Man Who Knew Too Little€ 73.96613.0001998WB
390Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000€ 73.05912.0002000WB
391Grudge Match€ 70.33810.5362014WB
392Chandni Chowk to China€ 68.00010.0002009WB
393Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood€ 66.00011.0002002WB
394The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford€ 57.0008.0002007WB
395Must Love Dogs€ 53.0008.0002005WB
396Sweet November€ 52.0009.0002001WB
397The Good German€ 51.0008.0002007WB
398Trouble with the Curve€ 45.3847.7682012WB
399Blade Runner (The Final Cut – The Future Is Now)€ 39.8722019WB
400Possession€ 39.0006.0002002WB


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