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5116 Blocks€ 255.00045.000BFD
52Margin Call€ 253.44535.0642006BFD
53Superhero Movie€ 247.00045.0002011BFD
54The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans€ 241.00035.0002008BFD
55Des hommes et des dieux (Of Gods and Men)€ 239.00035.0002010BFD
56Noruwei no mori (Norwegian Wood)€ 232.02032.7302010BFD
57The Haunting in Connecticut€ 224.00030.0002011BFD
58The Box€ 217.00031.0002009BFD
59The Joneses€ 207.00031.0002010BFD
6030 Days of Night€ 201.00028.0002010BFD
61Zack and Miri Make a Porno€ 199.00031.0002007BFD
62Mongol€ 197.00032.0002009BFD
63La tourneuse de pages (The Page Turner)€ 193.00030.0002008BFD
64The Bank Job€ 187.00029.0002006BFD
65The Messengers€ 187.00027.0002008BFD
66Tristan + Isolde€ 182.00029.0002007BFD
67Bobby€ 178.00028.0002006BFD
68Gamer€ 172.00026.0002007BFD
69Greenberg€ 169.00025.0002009BFD
70Brooklyn's Finest€ 159.00023.0002010BFD
71Kauwboy€ 155.54724.8572010BFD
72The Last Legion€ 155.00024.0002012BFD
73The Road€ 154.00023.0002007BFD
74Nono, Het Zigzag Kind€ 147.29321.3872010BFD
75Hyde Park on Hudson€ 141.50621.0812012BFD
76Partir€ 140.00021.0002013BFD
77The Celestine Prophecy€ 137.00022.0002009BFD
78Trust€ 134.06320.2842006BFD
79Agora€ 133.00020.0002011BFD
80Sorority Row€ 132.00019.0002010BFD
81La noche de los girasoles (The Night of the Sunflowers)€ 129.00020.0002009BFD
82Le fils de l'épicier (The Grocer's Son)€ 128.00021.0002008BFD
83The Hunting Party€ 122.00019.0002008BFD
84Georgia Rule€ 119.00023.0002008BFD
85Océans (Oceans)€ 116.00018.0002007BFD
86Saw VI€ 110.00015.0002010BFD
87Prinzessin Lillifee (Princes Lillifee)€ 109.00021.0002009BFD
88La conquête (The Conquest)€ 108.97515.4872009BFD
89Daybreakers€ 108.00016.0002011BFD
90Copying Beethoven€ 106.00017.0002010BFD
91Infamous€ 102.00018.0002007BFD
92Lü cao di (Mongolian Ping Pong)€ 102.00018.0002007BFD
93Rabbit Hole€ 101.70416.4202006BFD
94White Noise 2: The Light€ 98.00014.0002011BFD
95Tula: The Revolt€ 97.45512.9122007BFD
96Les témoins (The Witnesses)€ 97.00016.0002013BFD
97Slither€ 94.00017.0002007BFD
98Crime d'amour (Love Crime)€ 92.00014.0002006BFD
99La fille du RER (The Girl on the Train)€ 92.00014.0002010BFD
100The Conspirator€ 86.45313.5082009BFD


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